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How to not die repeatedly and uselessly in a vehicle

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    How to not die repeatedly and uselessly in a vehicle

    I've noticed a lot of inefficient use of vehicles out there, so I wrote this in the hopes it may help. It applies mostly to Onslaught of course.

    Vehicles hold more than one person:
    Except for the Raptor, it's possible to fit multiple players into and on top of one vehicle. This is useful to transport your team mates to where they are most needed as quickly as possible. This is especially important at the beginning of the match to build the first node as quickly as possible, and in games with lots of players where there are more players than vehicles.

    With the Manta, if you're the first player to reach it you should stand on the wing rather than getting into it because it is easier to get on the wing whilst it's on the floor than it is when it's in the air.

    Note that firing the Scorpion's weapon when there is a passenger on top is a bad idea because it will stick to the vehicle and suicide you. Bear this in mind if you are the passenger, and dismount if it looks like the driver needs to fire.

    Slow vehicles + close combat = dead vehicle:
    This applies to the Goliath, the Leviathan and also to the Hellbender to a certain extent.

    The Goliath is not well suited to plowing straight into the middle of a fight. The main cannon can't turn fast enough to deal with infantry or Mantas and the machine gun doesn't do enough damage to keep many at bay at once. Because they are powerful, if you threaten the enemy by driving a Goliath right at them you will bring their entire team down on you. Goliaths and even more so Leviathans are valuable, they take a long time to transport from where they spawn, so keeping them alive as long as possible saves a lot of precious time.

    Keep your distance instead. An elevated position is ideal, from where you can bombard the enemy safely. You have long-range weapons, so be as far away as you can. Try to keep as little of your vehicle exposed as possible. Below is a screenshot of an ideal position overlooking both the enemy power core and their first node. From there it is possible to attack the core and stop them from regaining the first node. Sucks to be them.

    Try to identify Avril users as quickly as possible and take them out first. If they fire, you can shoot down the missile with splash damage from the Goliath main gun, or directly with a turret. Enemy Goliaths and Leviathans also need to be given preferential treatment when it comes to dishing out the damage.

    If you see a friendly Goliath under attack, consider defending it and then repairing it. You should also get out to repair your own vehicle when needed, but beware of car thieves.

    Beware of car thieves:
    Never leave your vehicle unattended if their is even the slightest sign of enemy activity as you are likely to lose it. Nothing is worse than driving all the way across the map in the Leviathan, hoping out to pick up a shield or something and then hearing the alarm go off...

    Obviously the bigger vehicles are more valuable, whereas losing a Manta isn't much of a problem.

    Conversely, steal enemy vehicles at every opportunity, even if you're not going to drive them. If you can leave it near a friendly power node that's even better because it won't respawn itself then (a vehicle left far from people will disappear after a while and respawn itself). As long as your team has control of the vehicle, the enemy can't use it. In extreme cases you can totally cripple the enemy by stealing most of their vehicles. Do not blow up empty vehicles, if you do they will just respawn back at the enemy base.

    Often if you are attacking an enemy vehicle the driver will hop out when it's heavily damaged to either continue fighting on foot or to attempt repairs. This is the ideal time to swipe a new vehicle for yourself. This is particularly effective when attacking a Goliath with a Raptor as you can splat the former owner in one shot from the tank and keep it for yourself

    Don't underestimate the power of the Scorpion:
    I see the poor things lying about all unwanted most of the time. However, they are fast, quite manouvreable and have an extremely powerful weapon. It's the best weapon for taking out Goliaths and Leviathans. Simply drive around the target in circles firing at it. Of course you need some good driving skills to do that well.

    It's also very good for taking down nodes. It can be fired from quite a distance.

    Generally you won't want to charge up the weapon but instead fire it as quickly as possible, it doesn't get snagged on scenery so much then.

    Understand the Hellbender's weapons:
    The two weapons must be used very differently. The rear turret is best used from long range. Charge it up and it does a lot of damage, perfect for taking out enemy vehicles and nodes. Keep as close to the edge of the fog as possible and you may not be spotted for a long time. If you can, fire only when no enemy players are facing in your direction to make it more difficult for them to locate you. You will want to be on your own to do this, so don't use the Hellbender for sniping unless you are sure it wouldn't be better used somwhere else. If you see someone else sniping like this do not get in and drive off.

    The side turret is best at very close range. The first and most obvious point is that you can perform combos with it. Fire some balls with primary fire them hit one with secondary (it's very easy) to create a chain-reaction that will detonate all the balls you fired, clearing a huge area. It is equally good against infantry and vehicles. Mantas are extremely susceptible, and it usually kills the driver without destroying the vehicle, giving one more Manta for your team to use. It's also very fast at taking out nodes (best to be right next to the node for that so you can alternate between primary and secondary and have it detonate exactly over the node).

    If you're driving you must drive such that your passengers (you did pick one or two up didn't you?) can use their weapons to best effect. This may mean you have to stop so that the rear gunner can aim, perhaps to kill an enemy Raptor. To please the side gunner, drive in circles around the enemy so he can fill the area with balls. You need to get close to the enemy for that, so keep moving at high speed to make yourself a more difficult target.

    Avril missiles can be dodged or shot down:
    The Manta can dodge missiles very easily. The best way to do it is to jump as the missile is coming towards you, then 'crouch' just before it hits. It can't turn fast enough and so will overshoot. If you have a good sense of timing you can dodge missiles even if you can't see them (listen for the loud firing sound).

    The Raptor isn't fast enough to dodge them, so you need to either hide behind something to throw the lock off, or shoot them down. It's not easy to shoot them down with a Raptor, so you may need to bail out to avoid dying (only if you have 200 or less health, otherwise you will be able to withstand one shot).

    The Goliath's main gun is very good at destroying missiles because of its large splash damage. Aim at the ground underneath the missile. A devious Avril user will fire the missile up into the air before locking on so you can't do that. In that case you may still be able to shoot it down by switching to the machine gun turret, although it's generally better to kill the one who fired the missile rather than wasting time doing that (you could be stuck shooting down missiles forever if you don't).

    The Hellbender side turret is so good at taking them out that with a skilled gunner you can become virtually invulnerable to them.

    It is also worth noting that the missiles will not lock on if there is no driver (passengers don't count), so momentarily hopping out or changing seats can make a missile miss completely.

    Stealth > Haste:
    Picture this: You're driving a Manta towards a node the enemy is building. There are two of them linking up right next to the node. They haven't seen you yet.

    You can start firing on them and the node as soon as possible. If the enemy is not drugged, this should result in at least one of them waking up and shooting you, forcing you to dodge, which makes it difficult to aim at the node or kill the enemy.

    Alternatively you can drive straight at them without firing at all. 'Crouch' as you pass over them. They won't hear you until it's too late. You can then shoot the node at your leisure.

    Similarly, if you're attacking a node that's just been built, wait for the enemy to all drive off. You can then attack the node and hopefully the enemy is too busy to turn around and come back.

    Know your weaknesses:
    All of the vehicles are vulnerable to specific forms of attack.

    The Manta is rendered helpless by the Shock Rifle, Flak Cannon and turrets due to the knock-back. Avoid turrets like the plague and keep out of range of Flak Cannons. The most deadly enemy is the Scorpion. The green bolas only need to pass nearby and it will be sucked into your fans and it only takes one to kill you. Don't go anywhere near them.

    Raptors are easy to shoot down with the Avril. If you feel threatened, you may need to retreat. This can be better than having to respawn and try to find another Raptor. As with Mantas, turrets and the Shock Rifle have deadly knock-back.

    The Scorpion is very weak against infantry up close due to comparatively slow turning speed. Try not to engage infantry at all, the Scorpion is much better as an anti-vehicle vehicle. Turrets are also dangerous because of knock-back.

    The Goliath and Leviathan are extremely poor vs infantry at close range. Clever opponents will jump on top of your vehicle where you cannot shoot them at all. Never let them get that close. Raptors are also a nuisance as they cannot be shot at if they are positioned directly overhead. You may need to hop out to use an Avril in this case, but beware of car thieves.

    The Hellbender is weak against everything unless you have good gunners. Make sure you pick some up (unless you plan to use it as a mobile turret). Again, beware of turrets with their knock-back.

    Slow vehicle + Fast vehicle = Two fast vehicles:
    Slow vehicles, like the Goliath, can be pushed by faster vehicles, such as the Scorpion. Don't be alarmed if someone from your team does this to you, it's to get you to your destination faster. You need to steer in advance at such speeds to avoid running into a wall. On the other hand, if you're the one doing the pushing, ease off when approaching a corner. The Scorpion is the best vehicle for pushing, being both fast and easy to push with. The Manta is pretty much useless for pushing. Beware because you will make a prime target for an enemy Goliath if you are spotted doing this.

    So there you have it. With this information there is no excuse to not totally own in any vehicle you choose.

    Great tips Mr Evil :up:


      Good post. :up:


        good points:up:

        what i cant stand are people who get the manta right when a match starts and wait for people to pile on, most of the time people cant GET on it, or, if you take off to build a node in a manta, and people complain you dont wait for them, but that same person takes like 20 tries to get on the manta, and by then the other team is building their 2nd / 3rd nodes ~_~

        most of the time i dont hop on a manta due to the horrible drivers ive come across, or ill get on it and the person will drive to a completely useless location :sour: So i end up getting the manta and getting a node started. while people sit and fire at the guy who happened to get the raptor before them :down:

        Another thing people do is sit there at the first node with 3/4 people healing it, and when it opens up, the other team is already taking over the 2, 3, and 4 nodes... i usually go for the first one, heal it 3/4's, and go to a key node , and by the time i get there the first node healed itself full... timing can be cruitial on some maps.

        Also, people, PLEASE, i forget the map, redplanet or something, but its the one where the Levi spawns at the base- DONT FILL IT UP. ill be on a server with 5 v 5, and ill grab a manta/raptor, and the other 4 people will pile into the leviathan.....

        oh well, good points mate, hope to see ya in game sometime! :up:


          Great Post!


            Great stuff Mr Evil

            Originally posted by |CAFN|Hammer
            ...snip... what i cant stand are people who get the manta right when a match starts and wait for people to pile on, most of the time people cant GET on it ...snip...
            Amen to that. I'll grab a manta and wait a second or so if somebody is nearby, and if they attempt to jump on, I'll wait another second. If they can't do it the 1st or 2nd try, I leave.

            And same with me; I'll try and get on a manta, but if I can't get on the 1st or 2nd time, I'll tell the driver to go. No since wasting time on my sorry butt if I can't hop on.





                Sound advice.


                  All good points... The Manta thing, just getting on the wing is something I've done for a long time!
                  Once, some other guy and I both jumped on the wings of an empty Manta, looked at each other a few times... finally he jumped in and off we went! Was funny, hadn't seen anyone else use that tactic... it works quite well!


                    i agree 100%, nice post


                      Exelent post. This should be read by everyone. Well done,


                        perfect (except where you repeated yourself on the manta) this should be on every loading screen in the world, along with the "Camping air vehicle spawn" pics


                          Nice work:up:


                            Originally posted by |CAFN|Hammer
                            ...oh well, good points mate, hope to see ya in game sometime! :up:
                            You may well do as I have been online a lot recently. I change nicks at regular intervals though, almost never playing as 'Mr Evil'. Currently my name is 'default'.


                              i think most of the ground vehicles are vulnerable to being flipped (and thereby ejecting the occupants) by other vehicles

                              Hellbender can be knocked from the side by a scorpion or manta
                              Scorpion can be rolled by a hellbender or possibly manta
                              Goliath can be turned at leats on its side by a scorpion (might need a sloping area)
                              Leviathan....manta or scorpion, with slope, if you lucky

                              The manta can hold two on each wing (its possible, its been done), one driver and possibly 2 on the top

                              Scorpion can hold one driver and at most 2 on the roof

                              Goliath can hold 2 inside, and err..about 4 or 5 on the room

                              Leviathan holds 5 inside and about 5 or 6 on the roof

                              Hellbender holds 3 inside and 3 or 4 on the roof

                              oh yes, and while you are ON a vehicle, remember to REPAIR it if needed

                              Great post, Mr Evil