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    The best trackball ever.... discontinued of course...

    sells for 80+ dollars on Ebay now, but well worth it I think. I bought one for 30 back in the day. Wish I would have bought a couple, now.

    The Trackman Marble FX by Logitech.

    I hope someday, they have another run of these.

    The Best ever.


      Microsoft Trackball Explorer

      Ball - Top (index finger)
      4 buttons and clickable/scrollable wheel- All programable
      Uses Laser optics - Extremely easy to clean, if/when needed

      This is the most awsome gaming mouse IMHO


        Originally posted by Bull {DI}
        This is the most awsome gaming mouse IMHO
        ? It's a trackball and not a mouse... and it aint that complex... compared to a Razor mouse or the MX510 it's ancient tech...


          OMG... Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

          who cares if it's old Tech, still the best I've used for gaming.
          A mouse IMO sucks for gaming, where as MY choice is the
          TRACKBALL I mentioned above.

          (does that clarification satisfy the asshat in you krill3?)


            Originally posted by Bull {DI}
            does that clarification satisfy the asshat in you kril3?
            Allmost but not quite

            I cant stand trackballs it simply dont feel right... eatch to his own ofcouse (my friend uses a trackball and have been atempting to "convert" me a long time without sucess)


              Another Trackman marble wheel user here! I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.


                Under suggestions from others, I try and try to use a trackball, but I just can't get used to it. I'm sticking with my mouse, atleast for now. Maybe some day I'll learn how to handle a trackball decently.



                  I have been using trackballs for a long time. Past few years I went from logitech trackballs to the MS optical version. Main reason was because of the extra 2 buttons it had.

                  It does stick at first, but I put some oil on the 3 metal balls the trackball slides on. This last for a few months and is totally stick free




                    optical (no rollers to clean), wireless, usb, more buttons, nice feel..... *drools*

                    Oh sorry, I recommend this trackball (it's what I use), particularly if your last trackball was a logitech, if it wasn't it might take a little bit to get used to the software drivers, if you decide to use them at all.

                    What would win, an RPG 20 sided die, a rare magic card, a pokemon, or a link gun ^..^