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    Need your help!

    Help us launch the Sunbearer Gaming Network by become a member! We are starting from the ground up... making the best **** gaming community even. The best part about joining now it that it will give you great opportunities to become a SGN staff member, a better chance to become sponsored by the SGN, and you will be jumping in on something fresh and fraggin new!

    Register Here:

    We would like to announce the launch of the Sunbearer Gaming Network!
    The SGN is a community focused gaming website with current support for
    Call of Duty, Battlefield Vietnam, Unreal Tournament 2004, Tribes Vengeance, FarCry and World of Warcraft. We will be expanding our game coverage and support depending
    on member input. The SGN currently has support for recognized
    clans/guilds, support for recognized gaming servers, community forums,
    community screenshots, gaming news, a SGN Shop and much more. We look
    forward to your visit. Join now for charter membership!

    We are the gaming network that your mother told you to avoid but you
    dated anyway!