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    Dude, practice with me. I suck so bad you'll feel better about yourself in no time at all!


      Originally posted by Ghost_Freeman
      At least being better than you gives me some hope :up:


        Instant Action. Just keep ramping up the difficulty of the bots as you get better.


          I suck too gaming too..

          I should start becoming a map maker soon instead.


            Play games of TDM with some experienced players.:up:
            It really helps you improve fragging skill and general playing style.
            And if you are stuggling, there are always the experienced team members to back you up in a fight.

            I would really never suggest to play bots then work your way up...


              Originally posted by PR_Flak
              Thats right cover your *** why don't ye? Ha, I had you so beat on Junkyard.

              But you came back on Mothership...


                Onslaught is about as good a judge of skill as Martha Stewart is a judge of legal investment activities.

                Hop on a DM server, it's the only way you'll get better. Find some of the 6ft'deep guys and play until you can hang with them :up:


                  feel free to come play me... I always lose too.




                      Catch the chicken


                        Yeah, im selling my copy now.

                        Was about to win a pub game, then a pro shows up and rapes me.

                        To hell with this.


                          First of all, you're using 'pro' in the wrong terms. Someone who is 'pro' is professional, as in someone who lans frequently / makes cash. The chances of you randomly playing with a real 'pro' are pretty low.

                          Skill curve in this game is gigantic. People in the same clan will have huge, huge score differences if they play 1 on 1.

                          1) Practicing how to use weapons with bots works. It helps you get used to trajectories / reload times / etc well.

                          2) This game is instinctive. Practice makes you better, you just won't notice. There are only a few things in this game that can be taught, the rest is instinctive. Ask a real 'pro' whether they time dodges, time shots (as in when a player is dodging, etc) and they'll say they have no idea. I talked to one of the top 3 1v1ers in Canada earlier today and asked him, and he honestly has no idea. After time, it's all instincitve, you won't be consciously thinking 'he dodged, lets flak now!', it'll come naturally.

                          3) Aim comes over time. You won't notice it either. Not much you can do, perhaps play some IG, but I would recommend simply using shock / lg Arena mutator in some bot matches (lower skill level).

                          4) Watch demos of 'pros'. Keep note of what they do, be watching and studying at the same time.

                          5) Demo yourself and critique. Demo your matches and watch them later. You'll see tons, TONS of stupid *** mistakes and wonder 'why in the hell did I do that'. After a while you won't make so many of the same mistakes, you'll learn.

                          6) The one sure fire way to be better is to practice. There is NO substitute for it, period. Playing 2 hours a day will make you much, much better over the course of a few months. It takes time, you need patience.

                          7) Don't get stressed. I know how bad it can be to be killed 30 seconds after spawning without having a weapon. You can't get angry, that will just throw you off even more. I'm still learning to not get extremely ****** when I get slaughtered, and to just shrug it off. It's an important thing to be able to do.

                          8) Find people just above your level. Find a friend or two that are a bit better and play them, a lot. You'll lose, most likely every time, but it's the only way to get better. Eventually you'll see your scores catching up, and you'll know for sure you're improving.

                          9) Practice, practice, practice.

                          10) Learn the maps, inside and out. Be able to run backwards through them, learn all the jumps (especially a map like Antalus, there are A LOT of them). Start an instant action match with only yourself, no time limit. Type loaded in console and run around jumping / moving / dodging with your shock rifle, practicing both movement and shock combo's at the same time. Do ~1 hr / day (15 minutes here, 15 minutes there), and you'll get much better.

                          Even if you're as bad as anyone could be, you can get better. Just have to practice. Don't expect to be pro in 2 months. Or 5. If you play 2 hours a day, each day, in 2 months there is NO WAY you could NOT have improved, period. Guaranteed results are through practice.