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How do Aimbots exactely work (from the tech. side of view)

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    How do Aimbots exactely work (from the tech. side of view)

    Hi there!

    I am currently thinking of how to add more security to add to my CD-Key Securer.
    Therefore I was thinking HOW exactely do the aimbots work.
    How are they included in the system and how do they steal the keys.

    I can't be arsed to d/l one, so I hope some of you who know those beasts can tell me so I can add countermeasures for it :up:

    Thanx folks

    They read the registry ^_^



      I think client 'hooks' work by watching the memory which the game uses for positioning. Then, it directly accesses the parts of memory being used to store the players viewing direction, and alters it manually so that the player is pointing in the desired direction.

      So it can avoid directly interfering with the game by just reading the memory which the game makes use of, instead.

      Getting the information about other players in the game and their locations could be acheived either by reading the same data packets (from the server) which the game sees, or again by reading the memory in which that information is stored.


        In addition to external aimbots, as TheGreatFoo mentioned, there are UScript aimbots too. These are actors spawned within the game using methods that needn't be discussed. They work rather like a client-side mutator.

        As for stealing CD keys, what MrÐ~ said...


          So they usually run as external programs and manipulating UT "from the outside"?

          For the UScript bots Mr Evil noted, can UScript access the registry?

          Of course, how they do their bot thing isn't topic of this thread!
          I am just curios how they actually access the registry, and when!

          Thanx so far, i helped / explained alot already :up:


            Originally posted by Hellcat2k3
            ...can UScript access the registry?...
            UScript cannot access the registry. In fact UScript can't access anything much at all, which is by design so it's safe.



              So I only have to deal with seperate / external tasks / programs.
              Good to know, 'cause that's what I'm already doing

              Thanx for the info guys :up: