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That SP was a bit of a let down...

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    That SP was a bit of a let down...

    ::::MAYBE SPOILER::::::

    Okay then I just beat UT2004 in experienced. I didn't unlock any chars (I know the bug but still) and the last match was MUCH harder than everything else. whats up with that? Anybody disappointed with the last part of SP.

    as for me well now the hard choice...
    1. Should I use ini to unlock chars..?
    2. Should I return to DVD #2 and continue learning UnrealEd?
    3. Should I start playing SP in a higher difficulty?
    4. Should I play online more often?
    5. Should I sleep due to I haven't done so in the last 24 hours?

    lol anyways I just want to know you guys thought of the SP and if you have any suggestions for me on what I should do next. Please suggest away. I think I'll go with Sleep first. Cya

    Dude, playing online is what this game is all about. The name says it all. It is about competition.
    There is nothing like pittting your skills against other real human opponents. The UT bots are good but sooner or later their behavior can be predicted. Its so much funner to play against people who use different tactics, different styles. You can be blown away by the quick reflexes or instinctive movement of the best players. You will roll on the floor laughing at the awkward movement or extreme stupidity of the worst players. Its something new every time.

    Besides, if you beat single player you should have a pretty good skill set to get out there and get your game on.


      well being that this is a multiplayer game.. I would suggest playing online more often. which is what you should have been doing from the beginning, considering playing this game by yourself with bots is completely pointless.. I mean, where's the fun in that?


        You can kind of get Dry playing the main game all the time. i said screw it and got the hidden char. by changing the user.ini file. now i just plya practic if i want to get better in a certain area.

        Online is Much better. Bot stay at one lvl, humans (even master) skill tends to flux and the fact that they do flux make the game different and more enjoyable.


          I've not actually touched the SP game at all, to be honest I'd almost forgotten it was there

          I just play botmatches all the time. No hunting for servers, you get to choose the maps/mutators/gametypes you want and with UT's bots you usually get a pretty good match anyway.
          As exciting as it can be to fight real opponents, online matches can end up being ruined by bad players who just want to mess about with vehicles or try to shoot their own team members. At least in offline botmatches, you get opponents who actually try to play the game properly.


            Re: That SP was a bit of a let down...

            Originally posted by D-Slash
            4. Should I play online more often?
            Yes... this game aint a singel player oriented game... it's a muliplayer frag fest.. bots are boring compared to real humans