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May go Mandrake 10

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    Bump and Update....

    Yaya! Sortof...

    I had to use sharaza (P2P) in the end to get the iso's... that took ages! bit torrent too but that's another story...

    Mandrake 10 is not without issues... I've got around the 'installer crashes mid install' this was because my liteon ATAPI CD Burner is not 'exactly ATAPI' so I had to use my MSI DVD Burner and it worked flawlessly! :up:

    All installed and the GUI is beautiful! Whoever the poster was regarding me finding the GUI a 'little simple' is wrong.. I'm from the Commodore VIC20/C64/Amiga/DOS/Unix/NeXT Step/ Win 3.11 and beyond and frankly, I could do with a bit more simplicity and straightforwardness These Linux systems are giving me...

    Did I say flawless install? Opps, there is one real *****... My Belkin F5D6050 USB Wireless network adaptor is not recognised... But I think I have worked out how to manually install this... Anyone who can ACTUALLY TELL ME please do, but I'm enjoying the challenge

    Thanks to everyone who gave me some valid advise on how to 'switch'... And keep it coming!!!!

    Final thing... You seen how many Jobs there are for Linux Admins? It's GROWING!!!! Get you dual-boots now guys... I think a future job market is out there for multi-skilled admins/engineers/developers with Win and Linux skills...



      and it's not as hard as they say it is... I'm new to Linux, with a few weeks under my belt with Mandrake.. Heard good things about Gentoo and I learned more about Linux with Gentoo in a week than 3 weeks with Mandrake...

      Once your past the installation, Gentoo is easier than any other distro to keep up to date...

      one command and your whole system is up to date...

      either way, Linux rocks!


        Which version?

        If you're still thinking about it, and don't know which distro (version or flavor in Linux-speek) to go for here are some polls I dug up on the net: (Mandrake 25%+, next highest was Redhat and SuSE 11% each).
        (Redhat 1st (36%), mandrake 2nd (15%), SuSE 3rd) (11%). 21% did not use Linux)...
        RedHat = 29%, Mandrake 17% Slack 16%
        NB: This was a poll in FEB 04. :up: The most recent I've found.

        I expect with Mandrake 10 and the new SuSE about to go live, these figures will slide around a bit?