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Memory usage in XP

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    Memory usage in XP

    Dont know if this is normal or not.
    I've got 512mb installed in my puter.
    When I look in Task Mgr at the performance tab, it says I've only got 380 mb available though.
    This is when I've only just booted, and I haven't got a load of rubbish installed on the thing. Just a couple of steinberg music apps and unreal.
    I'm just hoping I've not affected the setup of my PC by installing unreal, 'cos I need maximum performance for audio recording.

    Is this normal? What using all the other 100 odd mb's?

    Yes it's normal. OS and Virus scan will use about 120mb by itself


      Yep the XP OS uses a heck of a lot - more so that other OSs.

      If you are into music then I would suggest a minimum of 1 gig of RAM.


        Sorry - double post


          Or. You can do what I do.

          1 PC for games and TV. I do not need any thing else on it (some people say spell checker needs to

          Then I have another PC for other stuff, pictures, spell checking (lol), music, tv, virus scaner...etc

          Laptop for work.

          PC's are so cheap. I just paid $200.00 for more memory for my game PC. That would have bought me 1/2 of a regular PC.

          Just a idea.


            While you are in Task Manager, goto "processes" and look at whats running, along side them is their memory usage.

            You can see whats using how much memory at that present time......


              Originally posted by audi2honda
              Yes it's normal. OS and Virus scan will use about 120mb by itself
              Well, normal and normal.. In windows xp, out of 89 services, 36 are set to automatic by default but you MIGHT only need 8 to run xp without problems. I got rid of the unnecessary services and now I'm down to 75MB of memory usage after bootup and somewhere around 100MB when listening to music and surfing with Mozilla Firefox. You should check BlackViper's guide to services and learn what they do and disable all the unnecessary stuff to free up memory and system resources. And if you're really into audiostuff, get the other 512MB. And also sacrifice all the xp eyecandy etc.

              Task Manager


                A fair amount of programs leave a little a smaller app running in the background so that the main app can boot faster.