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why o why did they include voice chats

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    Originally posted by Mister Hand
    Even if you don't have a mic, you can still listen.
    Agreed. I have a mic, but I don't use it, because I haven't tested it yet to make sure I don't sound like an elephant underwater. Listening and hearing "Incoming. Left side." is a godsend to a D guy.

    Dicky B, and I haven't heard yonder DJ wannabe or anything bad over VoIP yet, and I only play pubs. Just lucky, I guess.


      I applaud the voip design that Epic uses. The multiple channel voice chat is great. HL2 should take note.


        Re: Few are leaders

        Originally posted by BlackLantern
        My problem with voice is everyone thinks he's a friggin leader.A lot of these guys want too be leaders and thats fine but if you have a team of pros or even guys that just want too enjoy the game constantly barking orders is just not helpful.Advice and helpful hints are good.
        It always seems to be the worst player barking the orders too. ha ha


          It's pretty funny that the people who were ranting against VoIP are the same people that didn't bother to find out how to turn it off or use it properly.

          If you have to criticise the system, then criticise the clunky imterface system for it and not the idea itself, because VoIP is a great idea.

          The only issue I have is that it took a few mins to get my head around the idea of Joining/Talking/Pressing to talk on a channel. IMO it would be simpler if the menu let you just set a single button to chat on a specific channel.

          As it is, I have to do that manually through the .ini, I think

          (lol if it turns out that I simply dont understand something.. that would be hypocritically great)


            VoIP would be ok if they I was playing on a private server with people I know alot.

            VoIP would'nt be ok for public.


              Yeah I'm planning on taking UT down to the local LAN Cafe and having a blast on it with some friends there. Headsets in that game will be great.

              At least on the pub servers, it's easy to turn voice off. Personally, I join the Team and Public channels, and leave the Public channel if there's an idiot on there.

              Team channel is often useful, except because of living in the UK, I play on german and french servers and cant understand a single word being said :haha:


                a) kickvote them?