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Assault = Lag for all?

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    Assault = Lag for all?

    I have a:

    P4 2.8 Ghz
    1024 DDR Ram
    Radeon 9600XT 128mb

    Running game on 1024x768 and all on Medium.

    Im getting crappy fps, is this normal?

    what do u consider as crappy fps my frames drop to 40 like in AS-


      What do you have AA and AF set to? What framrate are you getting?


        Fortunately, you can turn down many special effects and not miss them, because they add very little aesthetically in light of the huge performance hits they bring. Try the following setup:

        Texture Detail Normal
        Character Detail Normal
        World Detail Normal
        Physics Detail Normal
        Dynamic Mesh LOD Normal
        Decal Stay [doesn't matter]
        Character Shadows None
        Decals Off
        Dynamic Lighting Off
        Detail Textures Off
        Coronas Off
        Trilinear Filtering Off
        Projectors Off
        Foliage Off
        Weather Effects Off
        Fog Distance Maximum

        Video resolution has minimal impact on performance. I play at 1280x1024, and I just have an ATI 9700 Pro. Likewise, the detail levels haven't much impact. But the special effects--from Character Shadows down to Weather Effects--have enormous impact on systems just one year old.

        Another important thing: Check your refresh rate. Your video drivers default to 60 on installation. But this is too low. Right-click on your desktop, select Properties, click on the Settings tab, then on the Advanced button. Find the refresh rate and make sure it is at lest 85Hz.

        Now use Windows Notepad to open UT2004.INI in the UT2004\System folder. Press Ctrl-F to search for refreshrate and you will find DesiredRefreshRate=60. There are two places where you need to change that 60 to 85, or whatever you set the monitor at.

        Having these numbers match up in your video settings and in the game makes for much smoother performance.

        Here's another tip:

        • Right-click on your desktop
        • select Properties
        • click on the Settings tab
        • click on the Advanced button
        • click on the 3D tab
        • for Direct3D, move the quality slider all the way to the left (maximum performance)
        • click the OK button
        • click the other OK button

        This downgrades textures slightly for faster performance. Given that you're running a 9600 card, I think it's a good idea. You'll be hard pressed to spot the difference, anyway.

        Want more?

        • click on the Start button
        • move up to All Programs
        • move up to Accessories
        • click on Notepad
        • in Notepad, click on File
        • click on Open...
        • find your UT2004\System folder
        • change Files of type: to All Files
        • double-click on UT2004.INI
        • Press Ctrl-F
        • type bForceDefaultCharacter= and click Find Next
        • change that False to True
        • click on File
        • click on Save
        • close Notepad
        • once in the game, go to the Settings screen
        • Click on the Game button
        • uncheck Preload all player skins

        Now you have stopped all the loading of extra models and forced the game to use Jakob and Tamika. This frees up resources and prevents other players hiding from you with dark models like Matrix.

        You can change the default models, too:

        • Launch Notepad like before
        • open USER.INI in the UT2004\System folder
        • search for Placed
        • change the names in the two fields for male and female models
        • save the file and close Notepad

        The models you can use are:
        • Jakob
        • Gorge
        • Malcolm
        • Rapier
        • Roc
        • Mokara
        • Brutalis

        • Tamika
        • Ophelia
        • Sapphire
        • Rylisa


          wow, did you copy that from somewhere?


            I think he has it saved on his comp as this comes up alot

            Assault is laggy as duck for me offline with bots, not tried it online since the demo and it was fine then.


              My computer is far from awesome, and has no problems... maybe its a driver thing?

              Edit: Nvidia is the way its meant to be played! LOL!


                No lag here, smooth sailing


                  ive only played onslaught so far with a p4 1.4 ghz an a geforce 4 ti 4200 an it playes great compared to ut2003 dump the ati card :-)


                    Well, there are other modes besides Onslaught.

                    And for the people who say its smooth, could you post your specs/res and framerate?