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AS-Mothership is ****!!!

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    Do people really find it that difficult to fly the fighters? Is this why I get Top Gun after Top Gun online?

    It isn't all that hard. Mousewheel scrolls through targets, W to go faster, S to go slower, use SPACE+A or D to roll, and press shift to level off. Not hard at all.

    I do agree that the map is a PITA offline, so practice becomes difficult. But this is no different from any other weapon or vehicle that is hitscan. Bots loves them some hitscan weapons.


      What makes you think this is about difficulty?


        Originally posted by Varsity
        What makes you think this is about difficulty?

        First post, third paragraph.


          I am so sorry, teh roxxors. Would you like me to comfort you?


            Originally posted by Fnix.USA
            I agree this map is trash. I was looking on the cover of the UT2004 when I boguht it eager to play this map. I get home play it and I'm like wtf...
            So was I. The first time I played it, that is.

            But then I got good.

            Play some Onslaught for a few weeks, and come back to Mothership, and give it another whirl. It's a blast.

            BTW to that person who started this thread: what's this about unintuitive controls? The roll controls are about as "unintuitive" as modifier keys are in Windows in Mac OS. Gimme a break.


              The guy started this thread 3 months ago. I doubt he is even aware it has been bumped back up.


                Hey, if u dont like sumtin dont cry and whine and scream and carry on like a retarded 3 year old!


                  Dude, do you realise you just bumped a 2 year old thread?
                  What were you doing looking back that far anyway?


                    i laughed.


                      Originally posted by legacy-teh roxxors View Post
                      Who designed this trash?

                      It is the worst map in the game and makes use of the worst vehicles I've ever seen in ANY game.

                      Why in the hell did you people decide to make one vehicle that operated unlike anything else in the game? The controls are abominable, and I think someone went out of his way to make it a pain in the *** to figure out.

                      There's no changing the point-of-view, unlike every other vehicle in the game.

                      The field of view of the space sequence is what exactly? A fish eye on *** trip kinda thing you thought was cool? What's with all the warping forward and backward? What in the hell did you want--to give people severe motion sickness? Why not make every other vehicle in the game warp around randomly, too--so the ENTIRE game sucks, and not just the one map?

                      And do you realize players can't see what in the hell they're shooting at? Unlike any other space sim I've ever seen, you don't know if you're hitting anything, until you get a message you killed someone.

                      "You killed Malcolm."
                      "I did? How in the **** did I do that? Killed him with what? I can't even see what I'm shooting at!"

                      I don't know what you guys were thinking. The space vehicles should work like everything else in the game. Instead, you've made it look like some budget console trash that has no business being on a computer hard drive.

                      AS-MotherShip is a black eye on an otherwise fine game. Please do something about it, like take it out of the **** game.

                      Only problem with Mothership was that the was no real diffrence between the
                      Human and Skaarj fighters beyond visuals and the rather ineffective turrets...


                        Yeah I do have to say that it is the best way to empty out a server, but really where else do you get space battles? It's a no-brainer here, though I never really played the level (or Assault) that much so I never really experienced the ineptitude.


                        There seems to have been only two recent matches where there were a decent number of players.

                        Heck, even this: (a BOMBING RUN map - who ever plays this mode?) seems to have more popularity.


                          that map pwns newb.


                            Was there really a reason to pull this topic out of its grave? Let is rest in peace ffs.


                              Originally posted by NicAgent View Post
                              Heck, even this: (a BOMBING RUN map - who ever plays this mode?) seems to have more popularity.
                              more people play bombing run than assault. Assault races dont count because they are bad.


                                It was some time recently I was on a hot-running AS server in AS-Convoy. 30 players were in the match when it ended, and there was voice chat being used and everything. But like as soon as AS-Mothership loaded, I was teammates with Anika, Karrgod, you name it. Zero pings were everywhere... the human race seemed to have vanished.