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Bugs in UT2004 - post here

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    Bugs in UT2004 - post here

    Loving the game so far but have found some annoying bugs in the game.

    Bug 1
    UT Classic mutator:
    The bug I found concerns the UT classic mutator. With it enabled, if I charge up the Rocket Launcher with 6 rockets, after I fire, I am unable to load any more rockets or fire at all. I can't change weapon either for a few seconds.

    Bug 2
    Music Player:
    With the music player, the shuffle feature doesn't work, it just plays the tracks in the order they are in the playlist. And whatever track is playing continues to play the next map if the particular track didnt reach the end, say it had 5 seconds left, it starts again from the begining the next map and on the menu screen when I forfeit, in UT2003 the music changed for every map.

    Can anyone else try these and see if they have the same problem or is it just me?

    Please if you find any more bugs, post them here, hopefully Epic will see this.

    Uh, I'm sorry but, isn't this a Support forum concern, not general discussion?


      Well I guess it's ok to ask here too, as many more people visit this part of the forums.

      Anyhow back to my bugs, can anyone else confirm if these work or not?