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More fps in UT2003 then UT2004?

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    More fps in UT2003 then UT2004?

    I just played online ut2003 dm alone, ofc noone was on server, but it gave me fps over 1000++.
    On ut2004 max fps I could get with 64 or with 32 bit is around 300 max. What did they do to engine so the game looses so much fps.

    Also, I noticed the shadows in ut2003 are much much better then in ut2004, how can this be? is there are anyone who has source of 2225 of ut2003.

    Has anyone compared it with ut2004? Why is there so much difference, ut2003 visually looks much better for some reason.

    I got both games running on 1080p and highest graphic settings here is image of ut2003 to show you fps count, on funzocker dm server:

    I guess there is some fps limit...


      I don't think thats it rebecca, but any other explanation would be helpfull. Cause I unlocked FPS.
      And max some guys had, on ultra low graphics were 500 i think, but with lags.

      I am wondering what changes are between ut2003 latest patch and ut2004 latest patch with, does it have to do with engine.dll itself or script problem?