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    Modifying the Goliath

    I've been posting about modifying the Goliath over at Omnipotents but I thought I would try here now. I am completely new to modifying vehicles and an amateur with code in general.

    I wanted to modify the poor old Goliath to give it better accuracy and range. I've gotten that done but now I'm messing around with some other things. I've gotten the Minigun to point straight up so that Raptors can't get in a spot where you can't hit them while they chew you up. Problem is that when pointing straight up the muzzle flash is blocking the view. This is not too bad in third-person but very bad in first-person. I would like to either reduce the size of the muzzle flash or replace it with something smaller. I no nothing about creating those kinds of effects so I will have to use something stock. I can't seem to find where the muzzle flash is assigned to the Minigun in the code. Does anyone know? Also, is it possible to make it smaller using a value in the code or would I have to edit the effect in another program?

    In case anyone is interested here's what I've done so far with the Goliath. I was running into an issue trying to make a new vehicle off of ONSVehicleFactory so I decided to just extend ONSTankFactory.

    I figured out that the range is determined by multiplying the Speed times the LifeSpan. Speed apparently being measured in Unreal Units per second. I set the Speed first and then change the LifeSpan for the exact range that I want. I currently have the Speed set at 30720.0 and the LifeSpan at 1.2 for a range of 36864. That's very far, I know, but it's easy to change. My goal is that for any futures maps I may edit or create to have the Goliath guns reach the fog distance and the furthest line of sight in maps without fog. I set the Speed high because I always felt like the Goliath Cannon shells were too slow and also because I increased the zoom, which makes the shells seem even slower.

    I increased the zoom on the Cannon with this line in the AltFire function, PC.ToggleZoomWithMax(0.75), in my GoliathII file. I'm not sure why setting it to less than one increased the zoom but it did. I copied that from another vehicle and it worked out to a good zoom level so I haven't changed it.

    I set the Spread to 0.0 on both guns.

    The camera on the Minigun is not lined up perfectly with the mesh on the stock Goliath so I set Y=-1 on both FPCamViewOffset and TPCamWorldOffset. That gets it lined up just right.

    I don't like how the Tracers are so far behind the Minigun when moving the gun so I've been playing with that. Afaik the Minigun is hitscan so there will always been a difference in the Tracer and the actual shot. I increased the Speed of the Tracer all the way to 1048576.0 and that works much better but now the Tracer isn't even visible unless I zoom in. I tried changing the value of mTracerInterval but it didn't seem to make any difference. Any ideas?

    I've noticed that the shots on the Cannon are slightly off to the left relative to the reticle. I don't know why. Any ideas? My guess is that the reticle is not perfectly centered in the image file but I'm not sure about that. The reticle for the Cannon seems to use two images and the shot is off relative to both of them. I found one of them in a tecture package but I can't find the other one. Because I reduced the spread of the Cannon I would like to shrink or change the reticle but I can't find where this is assigned to the Cannon in the code and, like the Minigun muzzle flash, I don't know if I can change it's size on the screen with a setting in the code.

    The Cull Distance on the Minigun doesn't seem to effect my visibility of it. I'm guessing that is for other players. Is that correct?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks. I realize I'm a little late to Vehicle Mod party but UT2004 is still alive and kicking so it's not too late to learn.