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    Install game without CD?


    So I want to play UT2k4 again & have my DVD & GUID but it's not working. Although the DVD has the UT2004 icon it won't load an installer. I tried using Steam as an alternative ("activate a product on steam") but it doesn't seem to like the old UT2004 GUIDs.

    Anywhere I can download vanilla UT2004? I don't want some crack/keygen since I want to play on servers with antitcc etc still & can just use my own GUID.

    Try right-clicking the disc and browse it. There should be something like "autorun.exe." Try running that directly. On the Unreal Anthology DVD, if you look in the Disk 1 folder, you'll also find "setup.exe." Try that if you have it. Also check Windows security and your antivirus. One of those might be preventing the installation, or even showing a dialog box asking if it is ok to install.