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Absolutely Revolting: Frames and loading times

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    Originally posted by Virax
    What's the point of that? It ran perfectly fine at decently high detail in UT2003, and in UT2004 it runs bad at lower details. I do know that I had heavily tweaked my UT2003 inis, so it might be that.

    But if you insist:

    1.5 ghz P4
    256 mb PC800 Rambus
    ARI Radeon 9600 128 mb

    That's logical... if I were talking about Assault/Onslaught. It plays like that in UT2003 DM maps.
    my sepc
    p4 1.4
    gig of rambus ram pc800
    radeon 9700 pro
    sound blaster auidgy gamer

    getting more ram will help but it is your chip that does it..i can hardly play ons my average fps is 15-23 other mods as in ctf and death match run fine

    my windows xp is pretty tweaked but its the chip... bottleneck
    rambus sux for games these days tweak windows and get more ram or upgrade;/ its the only way


      My computer:
      CPU 3.2Ghz
      Ram: 1024MB PC3200 Dual
      Video: 128MB Ati Radeon 9600 Pro
      Connection: Cable with good speed
      Defraged, turned off norton, turned off preload skins, toned down my graphics and everything else everyone else suggested and STILL my framerates are dipping between 20-35. Thats the normal, I've seen it hit 15 when many players are in the room. What the heck is wrong? I have all current drivers for everything (just downloaded the new ATI one I didn't have -- didn't do a **** thing). I'd like to know how you people are getting good fps with moderately good computers when my specs are upper end. Any suggestions? I got help about editing the .ini file from someone who had this problem before, that did absolutely nothing. It's not unbearable to play this way, but I did not buy a gaming laptop to have it act this way (Sager 5680).
      Any suggestions?



        Disabled most of the stuff on this page then tweaked my system with some programs helped me quite a bit...But with your system sepc even on a labtop is a bit of a baffle