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If there's one gametype that really lives through it all...

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    IMO... you get the DM fix regardless of what gametype you play, cause it always comes down to shooting the enemy til he's dead... or you are.

    ONS- my current fav, lotsa strategy and teamwork :up:

    Assault, CTF, Bombing run... all require teamwork, and some strategy, to a lesser degree in some. But every gametype involves shooting the enemy.

    DM, or even Team DM, is just too ordinary, vanilla, boring... kinda like missionary sex... sure, yer getting some... but wouldn't it be a lot more interesting with whips, chains, cuffs, and liberal amounts of baby oil?


      Oh man, I’ll never go back to regular CTF or BR, but you’re absolutely right about the DM! The new maps are wonderful, and the updated weapons really make it a blast, and a nice change from my Onslaught and Assault marathons.


        Re: If there's one gametype that really lives through it all...

        Originally posted by BesigedB
        ... it's gotta be DM. Eventually you'll go back to it after intermittantly tiring of AS/ONS and wonder why you don't play it more.

        The maps, music and fps point are all winners. In about 26 matches I havn't disliked any map (although they really raped the scale on hyperblast). And friendly people on voicecomms is a bonus

        (oh, and hi satansfist)
        The honest truth is i play more TDM than anything in UT2k4....

        I kind of figured out why dm-hyperblast2 is so big, cause ut2k4 has double jump and dodge jump included unlike UT where it didn't. hyperblast2 seems to bright though, its a pretty bright place for SPaCE.......


          DM got me into multiplayer gaming, and I will always come back to it.

          In UT I switched to Assault after a while, and played it for a long time, but eventually I returned to DM.

          In UT2003 regularly played DDOM, but DM was always there for a quick blast on a pub.

          And although I really love the new gametypes, I still care the most about DM, and I'm really excited that the new maps generally play really well.


            DM will live forever...

            Tho I find myself playing ONS nearly constantly.

            However... nothing will EVER take the place of the occasional BR game played with InstaGib. That.. is just fun.





                1st DM
                2nd CTF

                I played ONS only in the demo lol ..
                I dont really plan to play it alot at all
                Long life to DM ! and CTF !


                  TEAM FORTRESS!