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    Originally posted by jefe View Post
    Gaeling Day actually sounds pretty good, but I already released it as "TrainingGael."
    What about ctf-gaylorzday? Sounds funny lol
    pd: Interesting combination dude, maybe could be be the lightning and textures treatment a bit different to avoid "repeat" those two maps, dunno could try to "appear" different


      Since I tried the jetpack I've been thinking about a map designed specifically for it. This week I finally modeled some stuff and threw it together in UEd:

      This is very unfinished, the big planes are basically untextured placeholders. Currently the plan is to add some interesting geo to the big ones (cockpits, interiors, cargo boxes etc.) and fill the space between them with traveling small planes. No idea how it will turn out in the end though.
      The biggest problem so far is network-related issues (since the map is movers only, there won't be any bot support). Stuff attached to movers doesn't always work as intended and the jetpack is a bit buggy.


        Just have a few of the smaller ships set up as movers, make the rest non-moving, similar to AS-Convoy or DM-Hyperblast2. The skybox will sell the sense of movement. Another map with a similar concept is ONS-AirMars, you should take a look at how it's set up too.


          Something random I did this Sunday.
          I was wondering how many tris in staticmeshes UT2004 can handle. Since I'm no coder the easiest way to check this I could think of was to subtract a huge cube in UEd and fill it with some badly optimized junk. I chose cylinders since they are always a huge waste of tris, but when I added a bunch of them to the map I noticed that it's starting to look a bit like a city. So 5 hours later I had this

          Basically it's about a thousand copies of the same three buildings, with the heaviest of them being 16k tris. 14 million tris in total. From what I see UEd does a pretty good job at rendering lots of instanced geo, way better than max for example - I had ~90 fps most of the time on my gtx960.
          It's just a performance test but I thought it looks cool and decided to share a video

          Also, the same look can be achieved with way less geo, I'd say less that 1 million tris. Just move the windows to the textures and replace some of the background buildings with cubes and it should be playable on any pc.


            cool. Morbius UT4? needs some rolling hills, a harbor, air ships / traffic, and some sea monsters XD ....GTA 10



              Here is the Liandri Robot from UT3 Carbon Fire.