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I miss the n00b's....

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    Maybe we should have some sort of contest to see who can capture the best example of stupidity (I say stupidity rather than noobishness because even experienced players do inscredibly silly things from time to time - lord knows, I do) The prize could be a week noob hunting in the serengeti - I'm pretty sure they aren't even slightly endangered...


      What about the n00bs that are actually kinda good, but you own them anyways and they instantly claim that you're hacking?

      As much as I hate them, my malnourished ego feeds on them.


        Originally posted by ThePerfectCore
        Here's a few pics I took last night of some hardcore n00bs in action. <- Shield gunning a node (name smudged to protect the stupid) <- Enemy tank in our base... while enemy core is under attack. <- More tank stupidity <- More tank stupidity

        Small pics, so you 56kers can see too.
        hahahah, dats some messed up tank!!! n00B!!!

        So far, here are some of the noobs I have encountered in ONS and ASSUALT:

        - fire at LOCKED nodes (um, dumbass??)
        - changing skins during the heat of battle and in the smallest ONS map there is
        - shoot a redeemer from the top of the central building in ONS-TORLAN, susceptible to snipers/Raptors
        - hide in a corner and snipe all day (um, try going for the game objective!)
        - stand around waiting and NOT link up to build nodes (dumbass!)
        - first to the manta and drives away without waiting (waitup *****!)
        - sees an incoming redeemer to a power node, does nothing, admires the explosion, and gets blown to bits
        - stands still and shoots (with an assault rifle) at my incoming manta
        - keeps on driving off the cliff and crashing the vechicle in AS-Junkyard


          Originally posted by Scotty][Hotty
          Theres plenty of n00bs in ONS pub servers
          ... yah, but only on my team it seems.


            on my very first online DM, I played against 2 guys/girls and won 80 to 3 (really!) in 20 min
            and I consider myself as a n00b
            anyway, it's verrrry pleasing to give a good spank to 10 years old people: in 20 min, the best from the 2 had 3 frags.