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    UT2004 Steam Workshop

    I'm surprised that there isn't a Workshop for UT2004 on Steam but this should also include UT99 and Unreal Gold i mean this is one of the biggest game series that has the biggest modding community probably #1 at one point in time but sense most of the Sites are closing it's getting harder to find the mods like L4Y which was the biggest source of mods before it was shut down. We really need a Workshop for all the Unreal and UT games.

    I don't know about "need". However as an option it has it's uses.

    We have had the "all under 1 roof" approach several times, and each time it goes down, everyone looses out.
    Using a common market-place is good for promoting mods, but often authors make the mistake of using it for the home of the project.
    Many of the authors that hosted their own sites are still hosting after more years than any of the big dedicated sites.

    Most of the mods did not go away, and the good sites that stay true to their purpose are also still there.
    Beyond Unreal, OldUnreal,, UnrealSP, are all active development grounds, where you will also find many old faces amongst the still growing community.
    Many projects get a page at ModDB and maps at Mapraider

    None of them require special software to access, only a web browser.


      Yes but both of those sites have a small selection i know for a fact that UT2004 has Thousands of mods if not Thousands then Ten Thousands plus some, and workshop would make it easier to get those mods and install them without having to search through folders and pasting the mods manually into each folder, with Workshop it's instant.

      Step #1: Click Subscribe.
      Step #2: Run Game.
      Step #3: Enjoy.


        The new UT in development will likely have Steam Workshop support, but for older games like this, it's not an option. Not enough demand, and the UT series is one of the most modded series out there, so it would take a very long time to implement. In addition, as far as I know, games with Workshop support have to have it coded into the game. Who is going to catalog and add all of those mods/maps/mutators/skins? The original authors? Most of them have moved on to other things. Steam employees? Volunteers? You're talking about a huge project, and as far as I know, the percentage of users with a Steam version of Unreal games (aside from UT3) isn't particularly high.

        In addition there is an issue of author's rights, there are some who might not want their old mods hosted on Steam or entangled in any sort of DRM. If someone uploads a bad or customized version of a mod, or if a server runs a custom version, I assume the Workshop would try to update to what it percieves to be the ''correct'' version... and in UT2004 at least, a number of files are required by mods, but are also user-configurable, such as UPLs, OGGs, and INIs. How would the Workshop handle those files? Force overwrites? As far as I know, the games that do have Workshop support have some sort of provision in the EULA about adding content to the Workshop; older Unreal games obviously lack such a clause.


          I only like the Steam Workshop as a client/player only. It's a PITA for server admins when the mod author doesn't provide any kind of direct download link for us to install the maps/mods on a game server that doesn't have access to be able to subscribe to Steam Workshop items.

          I have this problem a lot with my Killing Floor servers. Some mods I refuse to run/use simply because they're on the Steam Workshop only.

          Additionally, there are other sites out there that are not only bigger than L4Y, but are still running.