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UT2k4 Freezing for 10 to 15 seconds...

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    Sort of related...sometimes when I connect to online games, when the loading screen shows up, UT will hang.

    No HD lights, no CPU activity, it just hangs at the loading screen.
    Not frozen however, I can alt tab out and close it.


      Originally posted by unSane
      I'm getting this too. I am pretty sure it is do to running out of cache memory for sounds or textures (I play 1600x1024 with everything maxed and get fps in the 60-90 range, so the 9800 can obviously take it).

      In other words it happens when the game or system has to page out a bunch of stuff held in RAM and page some other stuff in.

      I have 512 Mb RAM but I think when you are using all the sound & graphics, the game can use more. I'm gonna get another 512 for sure.
      Yeah. Another 512 isn't that expensive nowadays. I guess that's another possibility to consider.


        It happened again.

        I haven't o/d anything, cpu and mem are good, no clue as to what is causing this.

        For me, it happens randomly, but not often; it happened once in the demo, and 3 times do far on the retail. I've had the game for 2 days now, and must have clocked at least 6-10 hours.