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Searching for Neomagi Mk 7 model

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    Searching for Neomagi Mk 7 model

    I've been scouring the internet for the Neomagi MK 7 model for days. I used to have it when it was first released. Apparently it has since been lost to the numerous UT2003/UT2004 custom content hosting sites that were shutdown. It is the base for several Warhammer 40k Space Marine skins. I'm a big fan of both the Unreal and Warhammer 40k universes and would really like to have the characters again. Anyone who happens to have the player created files for UT2003 or UT2004 that were made early on would be the most likely to have it.

    Here are a few of the skins that could be used if someone still has a copy of the Neomagi MK 7 model:!

    It is a real shame how much was lost when all of the hosting sites shut down.

    IGN bought up a few of them and all of the links for those sites lead to 404 page not found screens, etc.

    I think I found them

    Ok, I think I have the model,
    but I don't have the final version with all the team skins,
    but someone could make team skins easily.
    Also, have you tried emailing author, email in readme.
    I will try to fix if we can't find author.


      There's a way better skin for space marines now, to be found on gamebanana if I remember correctly. There is also a UT3 version of them.


        OK here is a link to the model Neomagi MK7

        Here is where you find some skins for the model by Mister Trixon

        If anyone has the final version of this skin pack then post here or link that TEMINIX gave in first post.
        Also if there are better skins for the model, post a link.


          Ha, there you go:


            Parkis G, if there is a heaven, you are as good as in! Thank you SO much!
            Way to be a hero!

            Baryonyx, yes I have those too. They are good, I just have a history with the Neomagi MK 7 model. There's a lot of nostalgia there.

            Are there any threads on here solely about rare/older character models/skins?


              Also, here is another link with more skins. They may be the same three, not sure yet. I'm just downloading them again.



                Ah, yes, the two Gamefront links have the same files.

                I have another question about a Star Wars Clone Trooper model. Would it be more appropriate to start another thread?
                Well, either way..

                I wish it were possible to get these two packs in a single one size fits all model w/team colors.
                The amount of skins is excessive. It would be nice if there were a white base Clone trooper with blue and red stripes for teams and the original beige for the droids with stripes for teams as well. I don't know a thing about coding, so it's difficult to separate and alter them for that purpose.

                (I've always liked the design of the Clone troopers, even despite their origins!)

                Star Wars Clone Troopers:

                Star Wars Battle Droids:

                (The base white Clone Trooper doesn't even load, there's a problem with it, couldn't say what it is.)