No announcement yet. to host $2000 DM 1vs1 tournament in 2014!

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new posts to host $2000 DM 1vs1 tournament in 2014!

    We are proud to announce that the target prize pool for the 10 years of UT2004 event has been reached, and enabled us to reach the much desired goal of $2000!

    This couldn't have happened if it were not for your support, for which we are eternally grateful! A full list of donators can be seen over here. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this is going to be the fifth (5th) biggest prize pool event in the history of UT2004!

    Despite reaching $2000, we are still hoping for additional donations (if at all possible) to further increase the event's overall prize pots. It goes without saying that every single donation will be used for the sole purpose of the tournament; All additional donations will be added to the image below, showing the current prize pool status.

    We thank you all for your continuing support, and thank you for your belief and confidence in us!

    Now that that's out of the way; let's go into more detail about the tournament!
    At present, it is expected that the event will take place in 2014. We haven't set an official date up yet, but we are aiming for the mid-to-late summer, starting around August or September of 2014.

    We have been scouring high and low for players of both renown and skill for the 1v1 portion of the event, with particular interest in old-school members of the UT2004 community.

    So far, the following players have shown their interest in once more gracing UT2004 again: Alcachofo, CombatCarl, devilmc, Falcon, H&nni, Hypno, Lovey, mrz, pmcc, Po1son, primus, ricot, th0r, TuVoK, Varagh and ViRtU. These players will join a division named "Division Zero". More details in the new future.

    Also worth mentioning - the showmatch between Falcon and Hypno - that was postponed due to unavoidable personal issues on Hypno's part, will take place some time in the beginning of the new year.
    Our warmest and best regards go out to Gaspar at this time, and we'll keep you informed on the exact details for when the rescheduled showmatch will take place.

    Please stay tuned for more surprise bits and pieces to be announce, so stay tuned about 10 years of UT2004 by event!

    We hope you've enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and wish you a very happy New Year!

    Read previous news-item describing some other event details at: