Fellow UT2004 players!
Today, we at DVGaming.COM started this year's UT2004 Halloween event on our TitanRPG VCTF server: Xtreme Halloween XIII !

Here's a list of facts and features:
  • TitanRPG VCTF
    The event will take place on our TitanRPG VCTF server ( ). We play Vehicle CTF with TitanRPG, the evolution of UT2004 RPG mods.
  • Over 30 new vehicles!
    All vehicle spawn points are modified to spawn a random variation of the original vehicle everytime it respawns. These range from slightly altered versions of the original vehicle (e.g. various Scorpion variations) to complete and over-the-top fun stuff like the UFO. Variety and madness assured!
  • Over 20 new weapons and other goodies!
    At random spots on the map, you may be lucky enough to pick up a "pumpkin". These pumpkins contain goodies - which can be RPG experience, usable artifacts, a monster companion that will fight by your side, or one of over 20 new weapons that we handpicked for the event, including close-to-normal weapons like the Ripper, the NoSkliz Wave Flak Cannon, super weapons such as the Vortex, or completely insane stuff like exploding Nali cow launchers or even cats!
  • Random monster invasions!
    Every year around the Halloween season, filthy creatues randomly decide to intervene in our VCTF games with one goal and one goal only: causing HAVOC! Fight these evil monsters and earn a good amount of experience!
  • Halloween VCTF maps!
    We collected and created Halloween-themed maps over the years, some of which are exclusive to this server. A new one is created every year, including this year's Halloween version of VCTF-Afghanistan!

There are a bunch of packages that you will automatically download when you join the server. Those amount to roughly 100 MB in total, which should not take a lot longer than a minute or two thanks to our fast redirect and today's broadband connections.

The event will last through November 3. Please feel very welcome to join us!