Hi there,

It's been quite some years that I've been active in UT, aswell as these forums.

Every now and then I get a bit nostalgic, and play a game with old friends, watch some old demo's and some movies.

Now there is one problem. Me and SmileY made a few movies (SmileY & Sphinx unreal, Smiley & Sphinx do unreal, Luckshots by sphinx, disposable heroes, etc.)
It's always fun to reminisce, all those good years of youth. But... I dont have Luckshots by sphinx anymore. And to be honest, that one used to be my favourite.

Some of the others are on youtube, and when googling I get some old links to levitation & badct servers which have been down for years. But I'd like to hope it still exists somewhere out there.

Is there by any chance any old UT-player around on these boards who has the (ut2k3) movie luckshots by sphinx in posession and can help me?

Thanks in advance!