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Question for all server admins.

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    Question for all server admins.

    Please post the name of your server, the IP, what gametype it's running (including mutators stuff like that), and lastly do you see much activity on your server?

    Obviously we are all doing something wrong here. The server admins claim nobody gets on their server while the players claim there aren't any good servers to play on. So if we doing things wrong why not try to fix it? I think we should take all of the suggestions and information in this thread to draw up some reccomendations on how to run a server. We can then use this to create an association of servers. Any server could become a part of it as long as they keep up with these reccomendations. Then the players would have the servers with good gametypes, good maps, good ping, etc that they're looking for.

    Server: x3dfx UT2k3
    Port: 7777 (default)
    10 player max, 100% Speed, Mapvote, Custom & Regular Maps
    Click HERE to play now.

    From Mapvote interface you can choose the next map to play, and even change the gametypes. Weapons are dependant on gametype chosen. Here's a rundown of the gametypes and weapons for each game:

    DM, TDM, CTF: Normal Weapons
    DDom, BR: ESR/Instagib

    We tried running the Epic and DE BP's for awhile, but attendance dropped off to nothing. I guess most peeps aren't smart enought to d/l and install bonus packs. We have since removed the BP's and running just original game maps and a large selection of the best custom maps, but the server goes pretty much unplayed. Very depressing.


      Are you using a download server along with your regular server? If not the dl's for custom maps can go really slow and it'll keep people from joining.


        Ofcourse, all custom content is compressed and redirected from a super speed download. I'm a n00b player, not a n00b admin.


          Your setup seems to be fine. Thing is people just aren't finding it. That's why I think if we say hey let's make a collective of servers, it'll help a ton. Reputation is the biggest thing I think to make a server. The Facotry Unreal servers are full quite a bit, it's because people know good players hang out there and that it will be full. If this collective works then every server in it would automatically get a good reputation and people would be more likely to play.


            Heh, it's a bit more complex than people not being able to find a server...

            Server Admins have always asked the age old quesion - why is my server empty. Those servers which are always full are dedicated servers, on big pipes, allowing high client netspeeds, performing laglessly on fast cpus. Or, of course, demo servers which allow demo clients - you might have been wondering why these servers only offer 1 or 2 map rotations lol.

            Some server admins host clan matches so clanned players practice on it attracting other competitive players. Some servers are NW, regular maps. Others are mapvote, custom maps, with mutators. Some have gamespeeds bumped up, others have low gravity. Some admins allow multiple game/mutator/config types. Some have bots...

            If you're an admin and have been around the block a few times, the end result boils down to this... There are more than enough servers (dedicated, listen and even ones hosted on laptops ROFL). There just isn't ALOT of players. So, you try to gather a group of so-called Regulars who usually request the following from server admins: don't keep making changes to the server, fix any lag problems, kick lamers and be kewl to the regulars.

            I've also found that there are two groups of player types. Skilled and newbie - the skilled usually play on private servers, custom maps and competitive mods (like TDM), and hate bots. Newbies congregate on low ping servers, standard or no mutator, and standard maps (they hate downloading custom maps), and don't mind playing against bots (or don't realize it).

            Anyways, I believe alot of the admins are waiting for the release of UT2004 - hoping that the player base will increase with its popularity. When players criticize admins of not understanding the players wants, you should realize that most admins are players too, and put that extra amount of dedication into putting up a server.

            Your idea of an association of servers isn't new. Here's a link to ( ) which basically tried to do the same. But of course your idea and vigor pursuing it is admirable. Best of luck!

            HuntrCker aka gAtekrAsher
            CATALYST II CTF: unreal://
            12 player, NW CTF, 20000 rate
            Location: Los Angeles, CA


              unreal:// - mainserver.

              Not online 24/7 but WHEN online it hit's traffic!

              When I join the server I only have to wait a few minutes (even without any bots, that may show up on the browser) and then ppl start popping in.

              And when leaving it alone there also enough ppl joining to keep it running.

              Running DE and Epic's BP, some custom Mods and Muts, almost every Cliffy-Ownage map (needs an update TBH) and some other brilliant or funny custom maps and, of course, map vote that allows map-, gametype-, and mutator voting.

              Server's Stats


                Frogger's Arcade NW, 1.00 Gamespeed, TL=True, MapVoteb11, SuperBots
                H-Town Madness (Provided by {HTM} Minion)

                Speaking for Arcade:

                Dedicated Redirect Server
                Custom Maps/Content
                Will install any skins/maps players request
                330KB upload pipe
                on 24/7
                many players always welcome


                  UT2003/UT2004 Server IPs

                  I have hosted a UT2003 server and tournament for over a year now. Every Sunday night at 8PM Eastern Standard Time, I run a clan vs clan tournament at The server is password protected, but passwords are given out to clans who want to play in the weekly tournament. If you are interested in entering your clan of at least four players, send an email with your clan name to UT2004 clan matches will be starting soon, so just let me know the name of your clan (and URL of your webpage) and I'll send you the rest of the information. Basic info. can be found at

                  Here are the current public server IPs.

                  UT2003: 18-Player
                  UT2004: 20-Player Temporary

                  Both are Team Deathmatch. Server is in Miami FL.


                    My info is in my sig:

                    Cain's Lair
                    26 players


                    Pub server up 24/7.

                    -- Cain


                      In sig, Fraggalonia, runnon onslaught until the full version then it will be sniper arena TDM.

                      second server (SGL) is a friend's running CTF.

                      Fragga servers never seem to have a problem with traffic, I guess since they've been around for so long.


                        ahhh...a place where i can advertize my server...koo..

                        server name=FRIED



                        activity=less than Saddam is getting laid

                        it advertizes on master server...but it ends up at the bottom of list coz the ping is shown as (?)

                        should run great with westcoast players...prolly 120-160 ping with eastcoast cats.

                        thnx for putting up this thread.