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Secure Rom patch, a Must.

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    Secure Rom patch, a Must.

    Atari, please don't be **** about this. Yes, piracy is wrong, it hurts everyone and in the end and everyone pay the price.

    But Secure Rom screwing up on majoirty of the system isn't right also.

    I my-self had secure rom problem, but unlike other who whined and cried i just downloaded No CD fix.

    This shouldn't be the standard procedure for we the paid customers. How can u let us resort to this when you clearly know the problem we are experiencing?

    You must allow No CD patch to be released soon as possible. Not for our convenience, but to fix the bug.

    It is reconized that atari hasn't release too many DVD games (excluding consoles) to this date. Learn from your experience with UT2004 but please correct it also for the time being.

    No CD patch is neccessary.

    i got the dvd se today.

    And my dvd drive is haveing major trouble reading the dvd.
    Wont read the dvd most of the time.

    Out of ten trys it might read it once.


      They'll fix it like they did after a few patches


        In future Im not buying games with Secure rom protection anymore, they wont work for me (as of UT2k4).
        Im not reinstalling my puter on the off chance that will solve the issue, Secure rom refuse to acknowledge its their fault and treat you like your some dumbass computer illiterate noob, publisher dont fix it quickly enough, so Im simply not buying them.