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Help! How do I read my beanchmarks!?

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    Help! How do I read my beanchmarks!?

    Okay, I did that benchmaerk thing from another post but when I go to my benchmark folder, it just shows this:

    SO what am I suppose to click?

    I tried opening up all the folders but the only files in them were tje same format as the "Benchmark.log" file(in da pix), and wouldn't open.

    DO you have to have a special program to read the file or something?

    Please help, I wanna know

    Just double click on the benchmark.log file and it will bring up a list of programs that you can chose to view the file with. I would just pick Notepad and put a check by the box that says something like use this program to open this type of file all the time, then click ok and notepad will open up with your results and the next time you want to view a log file it will just open notepad for you automaticaly.

    The .log files are usally just txt files and you can use just about any text editor to view them form notpad to MS Word.


      OH thank you so much!

      But I guess it was nothing to get excited about, lol......

      3.971265 / 13.029991 / 27.951097 fps
      Score = 13.037676


      Now Ima try it with my card OC, and see if any difference.