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Why wasn't mid-map voting implemented?

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    Why wasn't mid-map voting implemented?

    It seems like such an oversight to not put a simple feature such as mid-map vote initiation, one of the things that TTM did so well... I mean, actually being able to INITIATE a kick-vote (getting 16 people on a server to open up their menus and kick vote an aimbotter is NEVER going to happen), or start a map-vote IN GAME (round 2 of ONS-Severance going 30 minutes + 5 minute OT, round 3 is next? That servers gonna clear!)... seems ridiculous that the voting system wasn't implemented in that way.

    I mean, it will be fixed, but it's now going to generate hundreds of different UT Map vote mutators that I'm going to have to download on a regular basis...

    And no cache cleaner either.

    Still a great game, but there were definitely some small oversights.

    I havn't checked it out, but I was pretty sure their is a mapvote and a kickvote option?