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I'm doing a Oral Report on "DO Video-games cause you to be more violent?"

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    I think that if a video game makes someone violent in real life...then they probably had some screws loose in the first place.


      Originally posted by placebo

      And now a Calvin quote to play the devil's advocate in this thread: "I'm gonna kill all those people who think that TV desensitizes me."

      You talking about Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes series right? I love those books, I have em' all :up:


        The only thing that violent video game has ever done to me is to spend less time watching useless tv shows -ecept for The Simpsons.


          Originally posted by BlivetMaker
          Besides it's much better than stealing a "Care Bear" and jumping up and down on it until the stuffing comes out and then covering it with
          kerosene and launching it in a great flaming arc from the life-size trebuchet in the back yard.
          Dangit! There goes my weekend!

          Originally posted by A2597
          This is immidiately useful for situations in sports, or driving. An example would be when an accident is evedent, the person with the fastest reflexes stands the greatest chance of being able to avoid it.
          This may have some validity but I can tell you that more important than ultra fast reflexes is proper training. the reflexes of a gamer who plays an FPS may be faster in said FPS and marginally so in other areas but what is the accuracy of their reflex in an emergency on the road? Did they make the correct choice or just make a poor choice the fastest?

          I learned to drive on a combat driving course when in the military. My driving reflexes may not be as fast as some others' but I am sure they're more correct and my timing is likely better.

          Just my 2 cents on the fast reflexes issue.

          Originally posted by Arclite
          This is the worst place u could have picked to do your research.
          As Tephrox said, not if he controls it with the same post in a video games are bad forum and in a forum which has no bias either way. Then the research would be reasonably valid.