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    Originally posted by _arucard
    When I look from RL to LG my fps drops from 70 to 30 on irondust.
    Good. Binds are for wussies.


      Originally posted by Mr.Lemur
      Avaris is a 2003 map and yes it's a nightmare. at least now when I get lost in it as i tend to do I can ask for tinkerbells assistance...

      Isn't *January* just a slight make over of 2003's December
      Yeah it is, but it's so much better.
      Jump pads instead of the ramps, an underwater entrance (instead of the stupid low entrance before). No more doors that automatically open/close (they are always open now, woot woot).

      It''s gotten much better really.


        Originally posted by ^ngelus
        albatros - omg sweetie (1v1 good for 2v2)
        I think albatros was awful for 1-on-1, and its definitely not better for 2-on-2. Nice looking map that will quickly be forgotten and unused.

        Some of the other 1-on-1 maps are nice though.


          I love all the new maps so far, haven't found one that I dislike, altho I haven't played em all yet.

          I hated all the DM maps in UT003, s I forone am extremely pleased with the new maps.


            In a nutshell... UT2k4 retail maps simply murders UT2k3 retail maps. UT2k3 had lots of eye candy but the maps played like garbage. Of course there were exceptions cause I simply enjoyed Compressed, Antalus(many hated this one), Asbestos, and a couple others. Plus the bonus packs released contained some breath takers. However, maps like Inferno, Tokora Forest, Training Day, Serpentine,etc.. I mean some enjoyed but to me just shouldnt have been released to retail

            Inferno was simply stunning but I really didnt enjoy this map gameplay wise. The flow was off and just.. Not my cup of tea. Tokora Forest was simply HUUUGGGEEE! Cool map just not a fan of low grav maps that are about size of Earth. LoL @ Training Day. Nuttin in that map but 2 circles... Serpentine was a Quake 2 conversion. Cool idea with the maze on the ground buuuuuut didnt play to well. Malcom owned my ***** on this map though(stupid intelligent bot )

            Wow... Off subject... Time to stop typiinnnnggggg now!

            Phamous ~1~


              My first impression was that 1on1 maps actually have more 4on4 TDM potential than the other new DM maps. They are more aimed for FFA and are somewhat larger. Curse, Deck and Rankin as exceptions of course.

              Edit : Forgot Corrugation. That map is most likely going to be the most played DM map in ut2k4. Works well for everything, or at least I think so.

              Junkyard, rrajigar and desertisle are "terrain" maps like Antalus, and not my cup of tea for competive playing, even though they are relatively fun for FFA. Sulphur and Morpheus are gimmick maps, which are fun as well, but even less suitable for serious playing. Metallurgy and Goliath are sized for 16 players IMO. My minor gripes with Metallurgy and Sulphur are about the lack of armor/powerups. Metallurgy should definetly have more than just one 50a and amp, and sulphur has only one "Multi item" spawm, even though it could use another armor.


                It looks like they finally learned to put the details in places the player can't collide with them, good move!