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SkaarjMaster's UT2004 DM reviews and updated links thread

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    SkaarjMaster's UT2004 DM reviews and updated links thread

    OK, so instead of bumping Epic threads without deadlinks (that includes one with deadlinks also), I'll just post them in this thread with my review and working links (I'll do the same for UT3). Here's my first set of reviews for this thread for UT2004 DM maps (listed below) with link to original Epic forum thread also:

    DM-1on1-Addle and Muddle (2 different maps)

    DM-1on1-Addle and Muddle - Addle has dark rooms with ramps, intersecting with support columns and beams, is smaller and tighter, the bots are decent and needs a default bot load of one; Muddle is larger and more wide-open with better layout, flow and lighting, the bots are also decent and this one needs a default bot load of one also.
    Epic thread - UTzone

    DM-1on1-Alzonia - wow, sun’s too bright, but I like the Unreal atmosphere with stones, vines, sounds (birds and animals), drums, layout and chosen music; the bot is OK, but gets stuck in one spot a lot.
    Epic thread - UnrealPlayground - ut-files - Mapraider - Gamefront - Gamefront2 - UTzone - Gamefront3 - i3d

    DM-1on1-Amend - nice textures, details, buildings, towers, vegetation, powerup locations, xloc locations, wood, chosen music, many Unreal birds, arches and windows; almost too big for a 1on1 map, but this one is true 1on1 map; gameplay is good but bot could be a lot better.
    Epic thread - UnrealPlayground - UTzone

    DM-1on1-Dojo (the one by BigDog aka BiggerDog) - first thing I thought of when I saw that screenshot/preview shot is this map reminds me of Beholden a little bit, but this one is too small to be that. I like the reds/yellow/grays inside dojo, floors, ceilings, walls, wild windows with speckled-look and fog, roof trim, statues, candles, tapestries and scrolls. Mostly a tight map with some open areas and really tight spots in stairwells and halls; love the rows of health vials and adrenaline by the way. The bot can be tough depending on which one is drawn and the gameplay is as expected. What, no flak cannon?
    Epic thread - UnrealPlayground - UZ2 file

    DM-1on1-Viridian2k4 - from UTClassic2k4 MP2; finally tried this one and "Viridian Dreams" is one of my fav. maps for the original UT with excellent flow, connectivity, weapon placement and looks. The somewhat "cheerful" atmosphere of original is exchanged for serious music, brownish looks of this one (1on1-Viridian 2003 has a dark gray hue). Great upgraded graphics with still great gameplay and still fun! I also noticed very clean textures in this version. Bots could be a little better in this version and possibly not as good as ones in 1on1-Viridian2003; although, both could be a little better. I like both maps and am keeping both.
    Epic thread - Mapraider - Gamefront - UTzone

    DM-Atomnium (by Hellkeeper) - I cheated...not an Epic thread; duel in a bunker, hmmmmm…….like the changing preview shots, stock music choice, blues/oranges, trim everywhere, other rigid metallic designs and weapon/item placement (except for flak cannon, I kept going for shock rifle expecting flak cannon). This map has good lighting and great flow/layout/connectivity. The bot (Baetel) is crazy good on adept (had me 0-7 at one point, I’m not saying who won).
    Hellkeeper DL - UZ2 file

    DM-B3DragonMist (by Blito3) - I like the landscapes, trees, cliffs, villages, towers/spires, distance fog, stonework, mossy paths, layout and exploration. IT needs more weapon pickups and possibly more players, but it’s fun and bots are very good. I think the author meant to say 10-12 players in preview area.
    UP thread - PWC DL - ut-files uz2

    DM-Sorayama2 (by Raptor2113 aka Warhead) - UT2004 remake of UT PS2 map but I never played PS2 version, so here it goes anyway. I liked the textured floors at rocket launcher pickup level and top deck, space skybox, huge areas for maneuvering, flak cannon location, health locations, shield location, music choice, transparent floors and ceilings in center, middle scenic view level, electrical devices, textures/meshes, layout, flow and connectivity. Although, it could use better bots, a couple more lifts, one more weapon pickup and 3on3 as default TDM player load.
    Epic thread - PWC download

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