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    Your favourite track...

    So, these forums are slowly becoming a bit too silent. I know, this kind of thread is not really a new one, there are plenty of such, but I guess this forum is in need of a fresh one.

    I remember the times when we used to have the screenshot riddle and UT jokes here, now it's a burgertown!
    So that's why I ask you to bring some life into this burgertown.

    This thread has been made to talk about Unreal Tournament and Unreal music, custom tracks, etc.. Just talk about it!

    Let's start little to get a conversation flowing:
    • What is your favourite stock UT2003/4 song?
    • Is there any custom UT2003/4 song you like?
    • Do you like UT2003/4's soundtrack (in general) the most or do you prefer UT99's soundtrack or UT3's soundtrack? Or do you prefer the Unreal soundtrack (incl. RTNP) or Unreal II soundtrack?

    I hope this will bring back at least some of the life from back then.

    UT2003 menu. It's simply magnific, the best intro in an Unreal game ever, the original intro be damned.

    DM-1on1-Idoma/DM-Rankin's theme, KR-Rankin. I don't like excessively techno themes, but this one is pretty cool.

    Of course, DM-Deck17/DM-Hyperblast2's theme, KR-Hyperblast-Redux, a.k.a. "Go Down". It's just a classic, you can't beat it.

    KR-Assault reminds me of UT2004's Onslaught trailer. The first thing I saw about UT2004 ever, and which made me think "INSTANT BUY!!!1!11!1!1!"

    Unreal Championship 2's version of UT's theme. I know we're talking about UT2003/4, but why can't we count Kevin Riepl's work on this game, having already worked in UT2003/4's soundtracks?

    About custom songs... there's the one in DM-CBP2-TelMecoMex, it's called The_Freek.

    And about my fav. OST, well, I love both UT and UT2K4 OSTs, so I can't really decide. They have many awesome themes as well as a few not-so-awesome ones.


      All I can think of right now is I love the track that comes with DM-Inferno and I know this has also been used in some custom maps. Beyond that, I'd have to check.


        UT2004's music is in OGG format, so it's playable by a lot of nowadays' apps such as VLC, Winamp and the like.


          UT99 had my favorite soundtrack by far, then UT2k4, then UT3!


            From UT99 I liked:
            "The Course"
            "Save Me"
            I also agree that "Go Down" was a great song.
            Go here to hear UT99 songs.

            Custom Songs:
            I always thought the song from DM-Asbestos, sounded something like the theme from the movie "Return of the Living dead", so I used it in my map DM-Tornado,
            and the song from DM-Rankin kinda sounded like Powerman 5000 - Bombshell, I used that in my map DM-Bombshell.

            From UT2004 I used "Level6" in my DM-Ice_Cave_ Arena map, I thought it really was cool.

            Good call by Neon Night, the UT2003 Menu song is epic.


              UT2004 talk :-)

              OK lets talk .

              i am {§ÎR}MrBee® from inviting you for some Zark and Matrix Action .

              & to show all the ut2004 community , we are still here and playing 2k4 ,,,

              i have cross Road with real Elite from all kinds of 2k4 mods , i am a Fan of the regular weapon too ...

              we use Translocator like you need a car to drive ,,, we use stand still sniping action , super Air combat scenario involve Practices ,,,
              it is just different

              played some single shot Instagib Elite out there too

              here is a video i did last night trying Fraps and my system ... Filmed at 800x600 60 fps online video
              lost the sound track ?? beats me

              anyway , look it is a invitations :-)

              long live UT and loves all sound tracks :-)



                Ha, apparently I got some conversation flowing.
                I guess it would be fair if I would mention my point of view as well:

                Facourite stock UT2004 track:
                Hard decision, I might go for KR-AbsoluteZero, Kevin Riepl is a great composer.

                Custom track:
                I like the one in the CBP map "Khrono", sounds so soothing and perfectly fits the mood of the map!

                I think, overall I like the original Unreal soundtrack the most then the original Unreal Tournament soundtrack and UT3 (on par) and then UT2003/4. I guess I heard the UT2004 soundtrack so often that I somehow got a tiny little bit tired of it. Speaks for the amount of time I spent playing this game. lol
                Don't know where I would put the Unreal II soundtrack yet though tbh.

                To name some favourites of the others:
                Unreal: Journey (from RTNP, Nagomi Passage Day), SharedDig (Rrajigar Mines), all the ISV-Kran decks
                UT: RazorBack, GoDown, Foregone
                UT3: Coret and Strident (both are awesome! Not to mention the great remixes of GoDown, Foregone and Mech8)


                  And to think that Unreal and UT's soundtrack was made in tracker format...


                    Well, this is not much of a problem, there is OMPT, with it you can listen to it or convert it to a format that is readable by most programs. And of course you can use UEd2.0 too.