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Streaming UT2004 For Countdown to Christmas!

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    Streaming UT2004 For Countdown to Christmas! This video can help explain what I'm doing soon on Twitchtv and YouTube. I'm not asking for subscribers or anything, I'm just starting out on game streaming and I don't know many UT Fans personally, so here you all go.

    Nice vid!

    Originally posted by wantwon View Post
    (I just realized the title reads "Steaming", when it should read "Streaming" XD)
    Just edit the thread title.


      I was just about to say the same about the title, hehe.

      And indeed, nice video. I saw my map was listed in the map thumbnails (not surprised since you were using Tux' list as a base, thanks for putting it into the list Tux!).
      I just wonder if Wormbo's mutator works with my map as the tree is a mylevel'd object and not a stock static mesh. Guess I'll have to find out (I believe it would end as an ultra-colourful mayhem).

      That being said:
      Ho ho ho!