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Terratec Mystify Claw - how do I get it to support UT'04?

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    Terratec Mystify Claw - how do I get it to support UT'04?

    Has anyone of you gotten one of THESE to work with UT? If yes - how?

    I feel kinda stupid, It just doesn't recognize the startup and takes control

    Besides, has anyone a config written for UT?

    Thanks in advance & best regards

    <---- This is the thing I mean, in case you didn't klick the link above...

    I have a similar one, from before they merged with mystify. What exactly doesnt work? Mine works with UT2k3, my 2k4 from bestbuy hasnt shipped yet. let me know, maybe I can help.


      I configured the basic commands, so each one is bound to a num pad key, i.e. Button 1 = Num Pad 1; ...; Button 10 = Num Pad 0.

      Then I configured the keybinder in UT'04 so forward is num pad 8, which correlates for the button #8 on the claw. That works.

      But for whatever reason, it just doesn't recognize UT being launched (or whatever other game I posess), it just does the default thingy. So I can't bind "ctrl" etc. I am missing the full potential here, the primary reason I bought it in the first place since I couldn't be arsed in finger artistic movements on my keyboard anymore


        Do I have to turn the Joystick support "on"? But that wouldn't explain why it doesn't work with counterstrike (yeah, I know... sue me) for example :weird: