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Looking for a user-created map; name unknown

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    Looking for a user-created map; name unknown

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct area, but there was this map that someone created that was basically a small map that you start on a ledge. Off the ledge was steep slopes that, you'd slide down and eventually end up down a vertical shaft bouncing off various obstacles along the way until you ended up in a pit of acid or lava (can't remember which).

    The other part of the map, which I can barely remember, had a pit of spikes somewhere in it. The map was basically a showcase for the rag roll physics of UT2004. It was fun to tinker with as a training map for learning how to manipulate the physic properties of maps in the editor.

    Does anyone know which map this was and where I can download it? Any help is massively appreciated!

    It sounds like a trials map. There are servers that specialize in trials, which are assault maps designed for quickly moving from place to place like parkour.


      You can find a lot of these trial maps on map-sites such as mapraider. Just type in "trial" as keyword.

      When you mention a sliding slope at the very start, that reminds me of a special kind of maps that was called bunny trials or so. Could that be possible?

      And I don't know about the last map, but there is "DM-Pachin ko" (without space) which is essentially a slot-fall machine with ragdolls. You might want to try that one out. To make the ragdolls stay, I recommend the "Slaughter2k4" mutator to go with it.


        Hi everyone,

        Thanks for the responses. Reading them is rattling my brain trying to figure out where I can get this map again. I remember it not being a trial map, but more so a DM map. It's driving me nuts because I can visualize the map in my head. You start on a platform and you can go forward and start the tumble down, down, down or you can head right into a room, which I believe had a couple of power ups. I think there was another room to the right of that, but I could be wrong.

        I searched mapraider under DeathMatch and 1-On-1. I'm not even sure if this map would be listed still as I think the intent of it was to be a "toy" map if that makes sense. I was a silly map, no real point, but it was fun to load it with bots and just Flak them away.



          I always am looking for a cool map or fun mutator,
          I think this mod goes along the same line,
          there are three maps, I like the maps under - Stairs Dismount 'gametype'
          check it out.