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SkaarjMaster's AS reviews and updated links thread

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    SkaarjMaster's AS reviews and updated links thread

    OK, so instead of bumping threads without deadlinks (I guess that includes one with deadlinks now also), I'll just post them in this thread with my review and working links (I'll do the same for UT3). Here's my first set of reviews for this thread with link to original Epic forum thread also:

    Actually, I'll keep a list of the maps at the beginning as well (will be doing AS maps, then BR, then CTF for UT2004 and move on from there; possibly switching to UT3 CTF maps before coming back here); as stated later in this thread, this thread will now be AS maps only:

    AS-GrandCanyon2k4z - It seems a little blocky at first and maybe not enough upgrades for UT2004, but I like the sand, shadows, helicopter, music choice, canyon walls, water, jumps from high up into the water, pretty bluish-purple crystals, and the ending sequence. Not sure if this is “The BEST Assault map ever!”, but the surrounding scene needs work and the bots can’t find the cable car and then really don’t stay with me very well after that. Also, you should spawn closer after getting the first two objectives. I do like the inclusion of vehicles as they close the long distances quickly and use the hellbender in the end run sequence.

    AS-Mythology - I like the eerie atmosphere created by the lighting, music choice, sounds, steam, fire, bridge, crazy black/green cube floors, general layout of base, and caves. This one almost needs objectives explanation at beginning and the creature is a little tough at the end.


    AS-Overlord2k4 - yes, it’s a decent remake but you really need the cliff face and the security gate opening is still a PITA as well as the last objective


    AS-Project - big trees, skybox, huge cave, stalactites, stalagmites, torches, decent base layout, nukes, is that lava or water or what? How do I unlock the gate………it takes forever?

    AS-Shipjack - definitely an intriguing concept and, yes, it is easier to defend; not sure what to shoot at for the generator, but the rest of it was fun!


    AS-Thunderstrom - love the company acronym; good atmosphere created and story in this one; the objectives can be tough but they are fairly straight forward; it’s fun and I like the force field room and Kelvin cannon room and it’s a cool ship but it should be shown blasting into space at the end.


    Thanks bro. Review/Links thread is helpful and appreciated.




        I think an extra subforum for reviews like I suggested would be even better. Someone else who is pretty close to Flak wants to talk about that with her. Just be sure I'm on your side man!


          I support this thread idea. Keep up the good work SkaarjMaster.

          On a semi-related note, I've been thinking a long time about trying to create a Nali City like site with reviews, map screenshots, and downloads. Is anyone else interested in anything like that, possibly contributing, or is that pretty much covered with a site like


            I'm still an "admin" at where I contributed a couple of reviews. I've thought about starting it back up in a limited capacity, but I'd really need to ask Firefly (the creator and the guy who abruptly shut it down to new reviews) his opinion on resurrecting it.


              Originally posted by jefe View Post
              I'm still an "admin" at where I contributed a couple of reviews. I've thought about starting it back up in a limited capacity, but I'd really need to ask Firefly (the creator and the guy who abruptly shut it down to new reviews) his opinion on resurrecting it.
              UT Unlimited was good too. It's tough to get map reviews, but I wouldn't mind having a place to make a few reviews here and there. I think the key is tying that all into a site which provides downloads and screenshots so people can do it all in one place.


                Good job, SkaarjMaster!

       has a pretty good database with that concept, but at least half the files have neither description nor screenshots (every upload is usually linked to a thread where people can post feedback). However, it's a German UT-site and although its user-interface can be translated, I have the feeling that is not that popular outside of Germany. That is of course a shame, but it's quite a bunch of content over there, especially in the UT2004 subforum. If someone had to add screenshots and descriptions to all of them... uff, that would be a daytime and nighttime job - without payment.
                And the amount of active users and admins over there shrunk too, just like UT's popularity and on top of that, the upload system is bugged since about half a year which means no new threads are generated whysoever when someone uploads something, no notification to the admins are being sent (they have to check and unlock the upload first) and that doesn't make it easier for them.

                It's a great thing what you do, Skaarj! No matter what others say, such reviews and bumps just show how much the modding community has created over time and I've seen quite some old high quality stuff that I've never seen before because of your and Tux' reviews and bumps!

                Please, keep at it!

                PS: There is one problem with having just a thread for this: It will either lead to a ridiculously large first post given the amount of content out there which might actually backfire and scare off users who were searching for something interesting in there (+ no way to add screenshots for each map individually due to the limit and I can imagine that some will be too lazy to check out the links for some), or if it won't be the first post that will be updated but other posts of yours that will be added, it will end in the thread getting unstructured due to scattered posts with links and posts like mine in between which basically tell you "good job", "thanks for the efforts" or "nice" if one had to sum it up.

                So, the idea of a website for that is a good one, one would have to motivate forum users to check it regulary though, maybe have a thread where the site owner or those contributing to it post links to the latest reviews would do it? So having something of that kind linked to the forums or directly integrated into the forums as a separate subforum would probably be the better deal as everybody who checks the forums everyday would see the new reviews by new thread titles.

                I like the idea of a subforum for reviews of long forgotten gems of the modding scene!
                Sorted into the User Maps & Mods subforum next to the Mod Request/Idea Sharing, Beta Releases and Final Releases sections it would not interfere with the new releases or mod ideas and would keep the players satisfied by providing them new links and screenshots incl. descriptions and/or reviews to older maps or maps that were not released on Epic's forum.
                I would even have a nice idea for the name: Retro Reviews.
                Pretty much hits the nail on the head, doesn't it?

                Anyway, I'm curious whether it's possible that the creation of a new thread in such a subforum would have to have at least 1 link to the original thread or a mirror (and at least 1 screenshot/image) so one can post it, it would basically force people to provide a link to it so people can find it (and a screenshot would be the "bonus", it would make it more comfortable for users). Otherwise I can imagine there will be people who won't understand the system and will review a map without actually linking to it, a similar system is already used in the Epic Gamer forum up there on the top of the forums. People are forced to choose a category first (Epic Gamer Video, Epic Gamer Content, Epic Gamer Fanfiction, etc.) or they cannot post their thread.

                I can imagine setting this up could be pretty time-consuming, but one could still ask... and with a bit of luck, who knows?


                  the best place to do a map review is in the comment section of the download


                    Interesting choice man, at least there are no map scores, though. I'm copied my post reviews from one of the old threads to Mapraider/Map Factory/UT2004 Files from Filefront/Unreal Playground; they have screenshots, file rating, and comments. L4Y has review and score too, I think the site is dead forever.


                      Maybe I should create a thread for each gametype. Of course, the CTF and DM ones will be rather long, but the others might be fairly short.

                      EDIT: ok, so more coming sometime today and this will turn into the UT2004 AS map reviews thread. I'll start another for BR maps, etc.

                      EDIT AGAIN: actually, I only have one more AS map review/links to post here, so I'll add it to my first post.