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Only Epic can create bug between a perfect demo and retail!!! and dont explain

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    Originally posted by goodnews13
    I've also had this problem. But oddly enough, it comes and goes. I have very high system resources, just did a system nuke, have all the latest drivers and nothing running in the background. The other odd thing that's happening is that the game runs like butter on 1280x1024 with everything MAXED(60-90FPS on any map even with tons of bots or players)...........UNTIL I get into Onslaught. Then the FPS drops like crazy, sometimes to the teens.

    The other odd thing is that when I start an onslaught map (even in instant action) the FPS starts at 1,2,9, 10 or somewhere around there and then slowly climbs up.

    Any ideas why the FPS is so horrible on Onslaught?


    Athlon XP 1800
    512 MB DDR RAM
    Radeon 9700 PRO
    SB LIVE 5.1
    Windows XP Home SP1
    1. Bigger maps, therefore more polygons.
    2. More open maps so they will have less zoning.
    3. vehicles. Much more polys and karma physics.
    4. Players are generally all in the same area (the node being attacked)


      I THINK I FOUND A SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i played for about 2 hours without any problem how about that ?

      hope it lasts tho hehe

      i put sound on low sound detail, i put no gore

      thats the only change i can think of and it seemed to work
      i dont understand why as i didnt have to do this with 2k3 :bulb:


        I have the opposite effects. Sorry that this is happening to ya.


          opposite effects ??!