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Barys MERF thread!

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    Barys MERF thread!

    Hello and welcome to Barys Maps hE neveR Finishes thread!

    Here you will see pictures of maps I have in the works but that I just did not get around to finishing and after some time decided to start a new one! (mainly because I got stuck in a feature I wanted to add but did not get working)

    Here we go, my newest project which is actually also the closest to being releasable (2/3rds botpathed):

    Essentially an abandoned containerstorage with some having been opened to reveal their contents and to produce a lot of fun!

    DM-Containerpark! (Working title)

    And next up is a map that was made to resemble one of the islands of the good old Carnivores games. Therefore it consists of different areas to hunt your foes in!

    DM-Dinoisland! (Working title)

    The third one is a more classical thing, mainly because it stems from one of Sly's layouts.

    DM-Backyardwars! (semi-working title)

    Number four is a map largely inspired by the game Just Cause 2.

    VCTF-Panauanjungle! (working title)

    And finally we have what I already showed you in a Work-in-progress thread. It's made to resemble a minigame from the MMORPG Runescape.


    So now you can tell me what you think, what map you like the best from these pictures and/or which one you want to see finished first.
    Note that the DM maps are much closer to being finished though.

    They're look great. I'll take DM-Containerpark first (an easy one).


      ya, do the container one,
      and then the Panauanjungle,
      i was just thinking Just Cause 2 before i read your description,
      i like it


        Bump! Any updates mate?


          i was just thinking of these maps the other day,
          i am wondering about updates as well


            They're all on hold still, actually I'm planning on beta-releasing Containerpark with the plea that someone else does the botpathing because I just cannot get it to work like I want it to.

            Also, I started yet another map... *hides*


              Yes, get someone else to do the bot pathing and release DM-ContainerPark first.


                Container park looks like it will be fun, but I think it could use a bit more texture variety (more kinds of boxes.) What problems are you having with the bots?


                  great looking maps


                    Teaching him to map wasn't a good idea I guess... He follows my suit...


                      Originally posted by jefe View Post
                      Container park looks like it will be fun, but I think it could use a bit more texture variety (more kinds of boxes.) What problems are you having with the bots?
                      Yeah I thought about the boxes already. But that would mean recoloring the skin of them... I might do that too some time...

                      The problem I have is that the bots don't want to use the paths on the boxes. they only walk on the ground. though I also worked with forced paths and everything (looked at some pathing tutorials). Also, they don't get up there like they're supposed to... Anyways, I'll outsource this task


                        I've got some ISO container crate static meshes and skins (multiple colors) I'd gladly contribute for the container map. The container mesh set includes both low-poly versions (non "enter-able") and hollows ones with doors. See my CTF-YM-HighTower map for the models.


                          To get the bots to go up on top of the boxes, there needs to be a logical reason for them to go up there. To them at least. That means pickups. If there's nothing up there, they'll avoid upper paths. Also they need to know how to get up on the boxes. That means putting in jumpspots. You can also increase the weight of the upper paths in their decision making by attaching an "Extra Cost" to the on-the-ground paths.


                            It's very kind of you to offer him meshes and textures, meowcat!

                            I can imagine a combiner with a constant might work too, but then again, I predict that it might be bugged on older PCs and seeing as the fallback would be again that texture... some could still have a the same look of the map as now.

                            jefe, you're probably right, it might work, the containers have pretty much nothing on top, but some of the upper containers are open and contain pickups.
                            There could be some pathing on the boxes that lead onto the containers though, as they are too high for a doublejump. Apparently the bots just don't seem to see that there is a way to get up there.
                            The pick-up trick (some vials or adrenaline on top for example) could work, in fact, I used it in a map once too to force bots to take a certain path, if paths on the boxes that serve as a staircase won't work, this would be the only way to get them to do that.

                            By the way, Baryonyx, I think I forgot to mention one thing during the test: The fog colour. To make it blend nicely with the skybox and create a better mood, I suggest to use a darkblue-brownish fog colour, the same one as you can see in the skybox, distance seems fine though. Try these values:
                            A 0
                            B 27
                            G 23
                            R 30
                            Those are the best results one can get I think.


                              Wow, how generous of you meowcat! Thank you very much!

                              @ jefe: Well as Sly said there are goodies on top of the boxes already. Also, I tried my luck with jumpspots too. That weight thing sounds new, I might have to try that.

                              @ Sly: Adding pickups might work, although I have seen bots using a shield jump to go up to a particular box with a bio rifle, but they just took that and went back to the ground again...
                              Fog colour adjusted.

                              On a side note, I found a nice way to reference helpers and contributors inside the map. There's a container with statues, which already has a Sly statue, a MDK statue and a Baryonyx statue ^^. If anyone wants to be included, just tell me what statue to put in for them. Either a character model, a static mesh or something not existing yet, which means I'll come up with something built from existing meshes.