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Nobody promised it was available today

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    Originally posted by shottah_king

    What is the meaning of EXPECTED?

    adjective: considered likely or probable to happen or arrive (Example: "Prepared for the expected attack")

    This means there is still a chance it might NOT exactly in all forms of circumstances be available to everyone on the 15th.........
    way too reasonable for the kids on this forum, apparently.

    you'd think that if they EXPECTED IT today then they'd have noticed that the STORES have all been saying the 16th and 17th for a MONTH NOW.



      Originally posted by UnknownAlias
      too late.

      although i doubt asking about pezman's sexuality will get you warning points


        Wow looks like we have a real winner here not even posting a month and already WL:9 :up: :up: :up:

        It's been said but bears repeating. Atari is the publisher not the retailer.

        Maybe some folks around here are too young to understand distribution models so I'll do my best to explain it.

        When it comes to chain stores they do not get their stock directly from source. It goes to their main disribution warehouses based on orders placed by the chains.

        Once an outfit like Atari ships it to the Distribution centers of retailers like EB, Best Buy or Circiut City they have done there job.

        It all lands on the chains internal distibution/shipping systems to get it to the induvidual retail outlets. And they have time practiced systems that are about maximizing efficiency/profit. No matter how in demand a product might be they aren't going to send out little trucks with just one item (or case) to each outlet just to make you happy.

        Such manuvers would drive up costs and guess who they would pass that onto?

        What's a day or so - yeah we wanted it in November of 2003 but do you think we'd be getting the same polished product if they did that?


          While i knew this was the case (i know the diffrence between ship date and release), i still blame the devs/publisher/pr whoever. They need to say it will be available worldwide by the 20th or something instead of giving a ship date.

          This happens EVERY DAMMED TIME!!@!

          They should know this by now.


            Originally posted by ntb
            why is pezman so gay?
            To keep you out?


              Still trying to score a job at Atari TseTse?


                Just... a pile of WL`s...


                20:14 PST and still very few players online. But it`s all good seeing as there are still some major kinks being worked out of the ded server package.


                  I get my copy of the SE on friday.
                  ooo yeah!


                    Re: Nobody promised it was available today

                    Originally posted by TseTse
                    if a retailer told YOU it was going to be available to take home today, well, they lied to you. dont blame atari. please dont make yet another 10 threads about it. just relax!!!

                    at best, the rumors were it would SHIP today, tomorrow or even the 17th. a few places said they shipped already, but again... that's their problem.

                    certainly some folks have it already, but let's try to be mature.

                    far as im concerned, it was ALWAYS officially to be "released" on the 16th/17th depending on distribution.

                    so stop whining. you'll have it soon.
                    Exactly, it's just a game!


                      As I mentioned before, I have it worse than any of you, the game is only coming out here in New Zealand on the bloody 23rd. Most of you only have a couple of days to wait.

                      God I can't wait until it is released and we can go back to discussing the game and these "GIVE ME WARNING POINTS BECAUSE I'M A LOSER" posts (like the one from I'm so fresh in this thread) can end.


                        IVe followed these boards for a while, so i decided to sign up. I called my local gamestop here in central cal, they said itd be available wednesday, they had some SEs still availbe for preorder so i went ahead and put down $5 for it, its the same price! heh funny how that works.


                          Kyle, you're better off just shutting this thread down than going through and editing every other post :up:



                            Originally posted by UnknownAlias
                            SHHHH MASSA WILL HEAR YOU!
                            rofl :haha: