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  • replied
    Bah be quiet you biatches. I'm Uk and I'm getting a COPY tommorrow.

    I will get my SE in a week or so though .
    I hate you AIRMAIL!!:cry:

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  • replied order is still at "preordered" status....

    I also called them and got the story that they'll have plenty of stock. When asked how many they'd ordered or how many orders they'd had, the girl on the phone said she had no way of telling!

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  • replied
    1 month ago

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  • replied
    How long ago did you pre-order?

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  • replied
    My order has been shipped today, now all it has to do is get here from Jersey, guess that will be on Fri/Sat RM permitting.

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  • replied
    OK I just called htem up... I said (Honestly!)

    "Sorry to sound like a total fan-boy geek but I placed an order with you and I'd like to find out the status"

    He laughed, asked me my details and what it was I'd pre-ordered.

    He said, they have not recieved them yet...

    If they get them early enough, I will, if they get them late, so will I...

    For the London address I asked for the drop, if they get them on thursday, I'll get it on Friday (Delivery is excelent to a central London address as opposed to the middle of knowhere).

    No, they will not be overwhelmed by preorders and they have plenty of people to cope with the orders.

    They have had a LOT of orders (probably because of the price they are doing them for) and will get enough stock.

    So, it's all down to the suppliers for and where you live I'm afraid...

    Can you other lot who pre-ordered phone the suppliers up and interrogate them?

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  • replied
    Mine too... All 3 copies are 'pre-order'... Better than ' Awaiting stock I suppose'

    They define status meanings on

    Order Placed - Item is in stock and about to be processed.

    Preordered - Item not yet released.

    Awaiting stock - Item temporarily out of stock.

    Processing - Your credit card is being authorised. Your order cannot be cancelled at this stage.

    Packing - Your item is being packed and should be dispatched shortly. Your order cannot be cancelled at this stage.

    Card declined - Your account has been declined - Please check your credit card details, and ensure that there are adequate funds in your account

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  • replied
    Play deliveries are generally 3-5 days.

    For example, a CD I ordered recently was posted on the 11th, and it arrived this morning (16th).

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  • replied
    Originally posted by drv64
    Anyone know delivery times for Play??
    Never ordered from them before, but the site says 3-5 working days.

    Status still Preordered on my DVD version

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  • replied
    My order has changed to 'processing', but their website now states the CD version is out of stock. I pre-ordered a month ago so hopefully they'll have enough stock to send mine today or tomorrow. Anyone know delivery times for Play??

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  • replied
    We will attempt to have the pre-ordered title delivered by the release date


    So, this means they don't actually have them yet right? Or am I reading too much into this? It smacks of an automated reply to me...

    God I feel like I'm in a lotery... You know, until I starting reading on this forum I didn't actually care. Now I'm all causgh up in the UT2k4 fever....

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  • replied
    Nice form letter from play there

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  • replied
    FWIW, this is what I got from when I asked about dispatch:

    From: "info@play" <>
    Subject: Re: Release/Dispatch Date
    Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 11:03:39 -0000

    Hi there

    Thank you for your email.

    We will attempt to have the pre-ordered title delivered by the release date. If our suppliers are able to provide goods on time, as on occasion they get held up by the releasing studios.

    Kind regards


    ************************************************** **
    ----- Original Message -----
    To: Customer Support
    Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 4:29 PM
    Subject: Release/Dispatch Date

    Hello info,
    I've ordered a game title from you;
    Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD version) (PC)
    This is due for release on Friday, March 19th (this
    week). Can you tell me if the game will actually
    be dispatched ON that date, or whether it will be
    dispatched beforehand to ARRIVE on that date (or
    something else)?

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  • replied
    Well personally if someone called me a honkie in a derogatory manner I couldn't give a flying monkey f*ck. In fact on the contrary I would find it quite amusing and probably have a good laugh about it.

    Maybe I've just got a wierd sense of humour.

    Peace out...

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  • replied the offical site, or one of the 2-bit 'shops' under the amazon umberella I wonder... (RE: your link about first UK person to get the game).

    In summary, it could be easily said the Atari farked up BIG TIME on the release:

    We can blame them, or the fact that this game is just too **** popular and all the fan-boys want to BEFORE anyone else, or we can whine like school-girls when the prom's coming up and we're the only ones left standing without a date to the party...

    Whatever. I've pre-ordered 3 to be delivered in Mayfair, London where I work. 1 for me, one for my mate in the UK, and the 3rd for the 3rd clan-member from UT2k3 and Q]I[ days... (The guy in Germany doesn't know, it's a present for him from his Bro who lives in England)...

    I'll be too busy to play this game on the weekend, and might get a quick blast if I get it on Friday (Decorating still)...

    You don't care about the price. I don't care when I get it (particulary). This probably explains why you're happy to spend 50% more than me, and why I'm happy preordering from a company that 'might' not deliver on time...

    Whatever... we're all done now, kiss, make up, then gib on the field and call each other ******s in the true british way one does with your competitors in the pub after a hard sunday-league game.

    But please don't use language like 'honkies'... it's f*cking racist to europeans and hurts just as much as calling a german a nazi, a carribean a nigro, a mexican a wet-back, and an american a idiot

    /me tongue in cheek.

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