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UT2004 DVD (original) On Linux, no linux_installer

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    I can also buy it from
    but which version contains the ?


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  • started a topic UT2004 DVD (original) On Linux, no linux_installer

    UT2004 DVD (original) On Linux, no linux_installer

    Hi all, I have an original copy of UT2004, a DVD version, with original key-code. I have to work on UT2004 on my ubuntu system (64 bit) .

    In the DVD there are 6 folders: AutoRunData, Disk1, Disk2, Disk3, Disk4, Disk5, and 3 files: Autorun.inf, Autorun.exe, Manual.pdf.

    So no

    I googled about how to install UT2004 on a linux system, but 90% of tutorials says to use the linux_installer, 10% seem to be useful, but a lot of links are broken...

    Some times ago I managed to install the game using this linux installer: but now the installation wizard blocks after I put the key-code...

    Is there a way to have a copy of UT2004 for linux? Where I should get/buy? Which is the exact version of UT2004 with the linux_installer? Have you got some ideas how I could manage to install it on my ubuntu?

    Thanks a lot!