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n52 speedpad configs

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    n52 speedpad configs

    I recently got one of these when put them on sale. Anyone interested in comparing configs, I have stashed my files here:

    (this is just a first cut after one evening of tinkering)

    If you don't know what the n52 is:

    Some people hate 'em. It has flaws but I still like it so far.

    umm when i click the link i get this error message

    ERROR: No access to this Document Repository Section
    User does not have access to the Document Repository

    I would take a screenshot of my config file but it just gives you aload of letters when i get back from school in about 2 hours i'll post a pic of mine with what each button does :up:


      D'oh! Looks like there is a permissions problem. I'll have to get under the hood...

      Edit: Should be fixed now. Missed a radio button in the config screen.

      You can get an n52 "blank" at that link too, for making notes on.

      Once I get mine a little more into shape I will make an illustrated guide too.