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vCTF? Chaos will have it

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    vCTF? Chaos will have it

    In response to couple/few threads I've seen;

    I cannot Wait for Vehicle CTF in our ChaosUT2!

    If everything goes to plan, we'll have much fun. Anti-Gravity Belts, grappling hooks, of course our normal server option to disable the translocator (always thought that ruined the game), turrets you can place around the map, 'carry-the-flag' type rules, and hopefully even custom vehilces as well.

    Naturally the idea is to have maps match the game play. And normal CTF is always still gonna be normal CTF.

    Games are meant to be fun, and man, I'm gonna be havin fun. I really hope to see a scorpion (or some Chaos vehicle) with both flags sticking out the back, as I've grabbed the enemies and found my own as well, stuck 'em on the back, climbed in, and drivin' on back home.

    I think it would be best if the maps required both vehicle and foot action. Like not driving inside the bases, or areas (like maybe river in the middle) that you cannot drive over. Force you to get out. Maybe in one spot though there is a broken bridge, or some dirt ramp, that if nailed just right, you could nail the jump all Starsky and Hutch style, keep your scorpion and take 'quick' way back. Perhaps balance that by putting a turret nearby enemy team could nail you with mid-air.

    To each his own. Some of us will mod our arses off, and nobody is forcing you to play.

    UT2004 is gonna be a great game. Enjoy it your way! :up:

    I have two things to say about this:

    \\//\\// (()) (()) ']['

    and Thanks.

    EDIT: for the chaos vehicles, how about a fighter jet based on the T2 shrike? (the raptor handles more like a helicopter). Of course, make it look chaosey with lots of spikes, blades and skulls on it.


      That's great! I can't wait to see it when it comes out.


        The more mods/muts the better, thanks


          I love being a beta-tester for CUT2 :up:


            ME!! ME!! MMMEEEEE!!!

            I wanna beta test Chaos2...