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What's your favorite 'Unreal' Game of all time?

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    Unreal gets my vote.

    UT was fun, and UT2/2.5 may be fun now but nothing compares to Unreal.

    Unreal was probably the greatest online experience I had since getting my first frag in Doom against one of my friends. Looking at the isv-rikers (think that was the ship) after it had transported us (co-op) down to the suspire village just made us feel so small compared to the map. I relized the magnitude of the game, and it almost made me feel a bit dizzy, like when I look up at a skyscraper. I've not had that feeling since Unreal. You could just look up at the night sky and be amazed at how beautiful red moon was. The extreme detail that went into every little spect of the game was just breath taking.

    Things like the dispersion pistol powerups, the hours of fun in co-op running around in the sunspire tower looking to find the top, only to come out on some incredibly small ledge just added to the overall "wow" impression that Unreal gave.

    But words don't do the game justice. If you haven't tried it before (an outrage, I know ) go find a copy of Unreal Gold. It may have slightly outdated graphics, but the game play and co-op make up for any lack of present day gaming details.


      UT is my all time favorite. Its what brought me into online gaming.


        Currently it is still UT'99.

        But it might very well be UT'04 in the near future. Me likes teh demo. :up:


          Still like the original UT the best, but UT2004
          could very equal it. Nothing, for me, will ever
          surpass it.


            Old skool unreal for me, had some great fun playing that one. :up: