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    Hello "Harry Sac",

    BR is a cool and unique skill-set but it's also a niche game-type in a game way way way past it's prime so naturally you aren't going to find nearly the competition there used to be so no need to brag about people not being able to keep up. On your theory of 'crosshair radar', I find it ludicrous and I've seen you ban many people who are able to beat you by making these outrageous claims. I think it's really time to move on.

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  • started a topic A game like NO Other!

    A game like NO Other!

    I am a Freqent Unreal 2004 player and I am seeing the game getting more and more deserted and no new players joining. I want to post my requests for what I like about UT2k4 and present it with Demos of me playing with this very fun and intense game style that not many can keep up with me in. It is unlike any style play First Person Shooter game that is out today. This style is played sideways , forward, backward, in the air, having to move without looking where your going, and much more! I can show all of this in Demos that I have taken of me with Bots because there are no players left! Also anyone that could be good enough is exposed to Crosshair Radar(where they move away from My crosshair) , Speed hacks , and tigger botting! I want to express myself in hopes that this game style I have come up with is re-opened in a new release of a UT game in the upcomming future! This style does not involve power ups , leveling up, purchasing of weapons , it keeps a even playing field for anyone that joins at anytime compare to others
    that have already been playing , what makes one better in a game with a even playing field, 1 Gun(instagib or sword and 1 defensive weapon or shield(translocator) and what
    makes the player better is not by getting advantages suchs as a better weapon or new leveling up skill, but the skill you have with the mouse and keyboard sword and shield
    with even universal settings that turly depend on how good you are with them and not because you have the better weapon then the other player.

    Links of Demos on youtube for examples....