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DM-Tribulation by Bastiaan AKA "Checker" Frank 2007

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    DM-Tribulation by Bastiaan AKA "Checker" Frank 2007

    When my old PC crashed, I got a new faster PC to replace it. I say this because...back in the day I kept a list of maps that I liked (lots of eye candy, details, etc,), but maps that were brutal frame-rate killers. I knew that someday I'd have a PC to run them properly. Well I got one now!!

    DM-Tribulation was on the list. Now that I've actually played it I'm amazed at the map. It has to be the prettiest map ever made for UT2K4. Anyone disagree? Check it out for grins.

    Here's the link:

    Sergeant Todd

    Seems to be very good judging from the pictures but it seems to be too small to me.

    I think I like that one outdoor post-apocalyptic map whose name I forgot better.
    PS: Sarigono! That was it's name.


      It's a cool map. I didn't like the death traps all that much though.