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Getting an old friend back to UT2004!

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    Getting an old friend back to UT2004!

    I have a friend I have finally got a hold of and when he tried to install his UT2004 game he's having problems getting it to download...possibley a bad disc ? ... but not 100% sure on this so I've emailed him back for more details!

    I guess (thinking ahead ) I was wondering if Epic has a place to download the game so he can enter his cd key when done!?
    ...or is there such a place he can do this???

    any help would be appreciated and as soon as I hear back on exactly what it's doing/saying I'll update the thread with the info.!

    Theoretically, Steam should do it, but I'm not a fan of such services. It's up to your friend if he wants to have UT2004 bound to Steam... forever.


      All is good!....seems he was able to get it to finally work out??? Not sure what he did but I got to play a few rounds this morning with him!! woohoo!

      ...Yeah, I am not a big fan of Steam or any Game that requires a medium or go between to play....that only ends up one way!!! D L C .... you don't want to get me started with that either!... that's when the developer has lost touch with his/her audience and just don't care anymore!


        Yes, steam could be a solution but modding the game while having it bound to steam is a pain in the bass, so you should think twice about it... On the other hand, one can get a copy of UT2004 or the whole anthology for little money in most good stores still, as I hear from others.

        I was too slow again... good to hear that it's working now.