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How many of you consider yourselves...

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  • How many of you consider yourselves...

    ...before you became a UT2003 player?

    Im bored AND curious, a lethal combination

  • #2
    none of both !


    • #3
      I've never played any of the Quake series... although I do believe that one of the Star Trek games I've played used a quake engine.

      I guess that makes me a UT player by default.


      • #4
        started online life on the original Unreal on wireplay back in August '99.
        Moved over to UT1 when the demo was released.

        Now exculsively on UT2003, and now the community Liaison for the UT2003 section at wireplay

        full circle i'd say


        • #5
          Monogamous UT'er :up:


          • #6
            UT1 all the way. For some reason I found UT1 a lot more fun than Q3 at the time. Tho' on second thought Q3 was probably way better balanced in DM and TDM... I think I might actually like Q3 more than UT1 right now, except of course for the lame hellish theme and lack of story and ambiance.
            Good thing I don't have to choose anymore. UT2003 is here.


            • #7
              i used to hate q3, but then that coz i had a crap ping, and never played clan arena.

              now i play clan arena f*ck loads tbh. that almost make q3 my main game !! tho im playing more ut2k3 now.


              • #8
                ut - i had played quake and liked it, but it just wasnt as good...


                • #9
                  what is this Q3 you speak of....:weird:


                  • #10

                    Just now really getting into UTk3(various issues). Though, I mainly spec people I know rather than play.....i know....weird.
                    Still playing primarily Q3, mainly because it's not difficult to get a LAN going on any given weekend with friends.


                    • #11

                      I was a Q3'er for a couple years. I would not say I was a 'fanboy', as I was always open to different games. But I am a fan of Id games tho. Now, the only game I'm playing online is UT2003, and hardly anything else offline either.

                      I bought q3 and UT at about the same time. (They had been out a little while before I got my 1st home PC.) I liked UT, a lot. Played a lot of singleplayer and botmatches offline. Playing it online was a sour experience for me tho, which is one of the main reasons I ended up going to q3.

                      My thing is FPS shoot-em-ups, DM and TDM mainly. Some of my first pc gaming experience was playing Doom2 deathmatches on the lan at work, and I've been hooked ever since. ... I've tried getting into BR and CTF, but the experience just hasn't been stellar for me.

                      I dunno if it's just me, or what, but I'm a little bit afraid that my days of playing this type of game online is just about over. At least with the amount of passion I had for it. It's just getting too hard to find servers that I like, and to avoid all the wankers. I think joining a clan (that scrims and plays ladders) might be a good thing to do, but I've had no offers to join any in this game (other than ones that seem to take anybody). Seems a hard nut to crack unless you're so good that you get offers to join...


                      • #12
                        I guess I was more of an UT player
                        I tried Quake but i didnt really like it as much


                        • #13
                          UT -> UT + UT2k3 -> UT2k3 + Q3 -> UT + UT2k3 + Q3...

                          (the bit without UT is when I didn't have enough hard drive space to kep it installed...)


                          • #14
                            Pretty much niether, but I did play a little bit of UT while I only played 5 minutes of Q3


                            • #15
                              I suppose you're talking the original UT eh? Well I played more Q3 then UT at my buds place so I guess I'm a Q3 player