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Importing UT2004 Textures, Meshes, etc in other Games.

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    Im sure Epic would have jumped in this thread if it was any concern to them!


      Only because there is no statement by Epic in this thread it doesn't mean they don't care whether someone uses their textures in maps for a game they didn't make or not.
      Epic is pretty busy with what they can do best: Developing games. Didn't you hear of that "there will be 5 low budget games in 2012(was it 2012?)" statement (all new IPs, none of them related to any of the existing Epic IPs)? 5 games... Even if low budget, that's very time consuming!
      Then, Flak is busy with the forum update (very busy and replies to PMs after like 3-5 days, before the update she responded like the next day). The other moderators (and admins?) are probably more than busy banning spammers in the Gears forums (now that Gears 3 is out there is most likely a new wave of spammers), checking posts and scolding members.
      Btw, keep in mind that Flak is not only doing stuff here on this forum but she also posts news on the Epic Games Community page.